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Brakes and brake systems for Harley-Davidson: from J model to Twin Cam.

Brakes on Harley-Davidson motorcycles have always reflected the times and customer demands, as well as the state and progress of technology. This applies to the late introduction of the front brake in 1928 as well as to the coaster brakes of the first 10 years until 1913 or the drum brakes with brake bands of the following years.

In the 1930s, customer requests arose for front and rear wheels that could be interchanged. These "interchangeable wheels" were identical at the front and rear, including the contact point to the brake drum. When the rear tire was about half worn, it was simply moved to the front with the wheel and the front tire to the rear. A simple way to delay the time until the next necessary tire change. During the swap, the brake drums stayed in place and the wheel swap was accomplished without having to readjust the brake linkage, cables or chain. If you look at the tire treads of the time, you also don't necessarily see a functional difference between front and rear.

In the 1960s, both performance and customer demands continued to climb to new heights, and Harley riders began to enjoy hydraulically actuated disc brakes.

Harley brakes at W&W? Brakes for Harleys!

We carry reproductions of drum brakes, disc brakes and calipers. In addition, the appropriate mounting and spare parts, brake shoes, brake pads and brake lines. Duplex and hydraulic brakes for more braking power, as well as mini and sprocket brakes for better looks.

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