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Electrics are a must

A motorcycle is a beautiful way to connect two wheels. A motorcycle from Harley-Davidson the most beautiful. But no motorcycle without electrics ...

When you page through workshop manuals, you get the feeling that electrics on the motorcycle have taken over more and more areas and assemblies. The feeling is not deceiving: the drawing of the wiring diagram of a 1935 V-model fits on a A5 page and is very clear and readable in this size. The wiring diagram of a 1978 FXS fits on a A4 sheet, but you have to look twice to get the overview. For a 2018 Softail you require five A3 pages! That is as far away from clear as Milwaukee is from the moon...

What works electrically on the Harley?

First of all the ignition. That is an extensive chapter for itself, and that´s why it has its own link. Then the complete lighting. Also extensive, we have put together separate pages for you.

Ignition and lighting - the power for it - have to be switched on and off, oil pressure has to be monitored, the power has to be produced ("generator/alternator") and stored ("accumulator"), the neutral indicator works electrically when shifting by foot, flashing instead of holding your hand out, automatic turn signal cancellation ... the more comfort functions a motorcycle has, the more electrics are installed.

Approach the matter with care

Electricity cannot be seen and touched like a flat iron, a pipe or a cylinder head. You can have respect for electricity, but many problems arise because cables are not routed safely and securely, solder joints do not have the right connection or a crimp connector was crimped poorly. Electrics are not complicated. We offer a wide range of switches, buttons, relays, modules, connectors, sensors, starter motors (e.g. Cannonball for Knuckleheads and Panheads!), magnetic switches, alternators, batteries, horns and cables. And because careful work needs good tools, we have those, too.

Have any questions?

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