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Even at low speeds, the tangential acceleration of the wheels cause all kinds of things on the track are thrown up and around. That's why the very first Harley-Davidson Singles and Twins had sheet metal protectors, which the factory called "Mud Guards" until the 1930s. It wasn't before the 1940s that they were called fenders. They preveted dirt marks to decorate your trousers and your jacket´s back side or on the buddies riding behind you. The fenders made of sturdy sheet metal, had braces and stiffening ribs, followed the curvature of the tire and were laterally extended over the width of the tire.

Do I have to have fenders on my Harley-Davidson?

Bobbers, choppers and other custom bikes like to do without front fenders for weight or aesthetic reasons, or have only very short plates on the fork that can at best pass as reminiscences of a fender. That's cool and what's not on it can't vibrate off. Plus, when riding har off road , nothing can get stuck between the fender and the tire. Even the rear fenders were shortened since back in the 1920s for simplicity, by removing the tail flap. Mudguards that show almost half the tire circumference (looks super cool, that fat rubber!) have been one of the standards of the custom scene at least since the wide tire wave of the 90s.

Whether your Sportster, FX or Softail complies with the so-called legal situation and whether you can collect tickets without mudguards, that is different in every corner of the world and sometimes quite complicated. Let's just take the regulation-happy EU as an example - it's not clear here either: according to the original directive, fenders were mandatory. But the directive was replaced in 2014 by a regulation that simply no longer includes any provision for mudguards. And now? Now the cops are invoking national regulations again ...

Mudguards in the store of W&W Cycles

Mudguards for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are available in all imaginable designs. From original to custom, mild to wild, for rigid frame, Sportster, Electra Glide and Softail, from 21" front to wide tires rear, from vintage bike, classic, chopper to bobber. To inform during selecting whether the fender fits, all fenders are illustrated with dimensions. Mounting parts for the various installation situations, as well as trim strips, fender tips and emblems are also available.

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