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Hand Clutch- and Brake Controls

Hand Clutch- and Brake Controls

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Controls on the handlebar

Well, the story goes like this: found a cool handlebar, mounted it and quickly found out that the handlebar controls no longer fit, because the straight sections at the handlebar end is too short? Surely by now you realize that the handlebar assembly is much more complex than you thought.

Clutch and brake controls on the handlebars

It's the same with levers as with switch units: over the course of time, they have become more and more complex. Harley-Davidson combined the levers and fittings on FLH, FX or Sportster starting from the 1970s also with the switch housings in such a way that they must always be used together within a construction year group. If you don't like them, only complete replacement is possible. But that's exactly why you can find the switch housings for the handlebar switches here under the handlebar fittings.

Replacing handlebar controls

As said, this is only possible according to year of manufacture. Or completely custom: Kustom Tech or Performance Machine offer a wide range of nice parts, with which you can give a handlebar a completely different style. For the buttons and switches you need a custom solution. With hydraulic handbrake fittings, you also have to know that at the next technical inspection - whether on the road at the traffic control or at the biennial demonstration - the fun can be over when they ask about the approval for the parts. Shrugging shoulders in response to the question is usually not interpreted as a muscular loosening exercise and is unfortunately likely to prevent from further riding. By the way, Performance Machine controls have the necessary certificate.

The problem described at the beginning can be avoided if you look at the drawings that we publish for all handlebars. There you can see exactly how long this straight section is for grips, grip rubbers and fittings.

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