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Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

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Brake rotors on Harleys

Brake rotors on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, just like the brake pads, are prone to wear and will need to be replaced at some point. Then you have the choice between reproductions of the original brake rotors or accessory brake rotors in different versions and designs for sport or performance bikes.

Brake rotors at W&W Cycles

The range of W&W includes standard quality brake rotors and brake rotors from renowned manufacturers such as Braking, Performance Machine and Roland Sands Design or Rick's.

Perforated brake rotors have the advantage over unperforated rotors that dirt is less likely to get wedged between the disc and the pad. Particles are simply carried by the pad into the holes and then spun off, rather than embedding themselves in the pad and producing grooves in the disc.

With floating brake rotors, the actual stainless steel brake ring is better able to expand under heat without risk of warpage. It also compensates for small misalignments of the disc and caliper.

Wave brake rotors offer all the advantages of perforated and floating brake rotors, with even more controlled thermal expansion than simple floating rotors. In addition to the above advantages, the Wave design provides smoother initial bite and progressive braking action.

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