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Brake Lines

Brake Lines

Brake lines

Hydraulic brake lines on Harley-Davidsons such as Sportster, Softail, Dyna, Wide Glide or Electra Glide are the transmission between the hand or foot brake cylinder and the slave cylinder on the wheel. This is located inside the brake drum or in the brake caliper.

What are brake lines for Harleys made of?

There are three categories of materials that are used: Steel, rubber, or Teflon with braid.

Stock brake lines on Duo Glide, Electra Glide, Tour Glide and Sportster were made of steel or a combination of steel and rubber. Steel along the frame and rubber with steel connectors where the line needed to move. Among racers and customizers, "braided steel lines" caught on early. This is a flexible line with an inner tube made of Teflon, onto which a hose jacket made of interwoven steel threads is mounted. The swaged connections are also made of steel here. Steel flex offers high pressure resistance with good flexibility. The only thing you shouldn't do is kink the stuff. The rubber line has two disadvantages: it is flexible, which means that pressure is lost at the slave cylinder because the line inflates somewhat. And rubber ages, it becomes hard, brittle and porous. Those who choose rubber/steel lines for originality reasons must replace them regularly. Everyone else will be happy with steel/steel flex lines, they last forever and are available with a plastic coating on the outside to prevent chafing on the frame or tank.

Can I change brake lines myself? Can I make brake lines myself?

Twice YES! To change a brake line you need care, fresh seals, good tools and you have to be able to bleed brake lines. Hollow bolts are tightened with a torque wrench, which protects the sealing rings and the bolt itself. About 14 Nm must be enough, remember: the screw is hollow and it is missing just under 3 mm of material in the screw shaft core. You can assemble brake lines yourself. From prefabricated lines and suitable connectors such as banjos, banjo bolts, elbows and union nuts. We have everything at W&W Cycles, from brand manufacturers such as Russell, Krontec, Goodridge, for all in Germany, Austria and Switzerland preferably with parts approval.

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