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Oil Pressure Switches

Oil Pressure Switches

Simple part, decisive effect: the oil pressure switch.

It switches off the oil pressure indicator lamp when sufficient pressure has built up in the oil circuit. Only when the indicator light has gone out should you rev the engine higher. It is also easy to imagine what happens if the oil pressure switch does not work reliably: no control over the oil pressure. If no oil pressure is built up, the bearings don't get any lubricant - not good for the engine at all.

How do I find the right oil pressure switch?

With the help of the OEM number (Original Equipment Manufacturer) you can find the right part for your Harley. It can be found in the spare parts catalogs. Just enter the OEM number in our search - then it works. Second possibility: Read model assignment and description in the store.

How much choice is there for oil pressure switches?

Because of the rather simple function and design, oil pressure switches have remained the same over many years, making repair, restoration or custom work easier. There are really only two types, the all steel type with the knurled ring and the type with hex steel housing and plastic insulator.

For individual mounting solutions there are also some adapters and covers to protect the switches.

Have any questions?

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