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Button-Switches and Switches

Button-Switches and Switches

Pushbutton and switch, what is the difference?

Both make an electrical contact, the pushbutton as long as you keep it pressed, the switch keeps the contact even after release. Both work with spring support. With the pushbutton, the spring ensures that the contact is separated again. In the case of the switch, it acts as an amplifier.

What is important about pushbuttons or switches? What do I have to pay attention to?

Especially with mini pushbuttons and mini switches there is a possibility of overloading them. They are not designed for the 5 A current of an H4 bulb - or for the current of a loud horn. Therefore, consider relays or a module for small switches and buttons.

Cables should be laid in such a way that they do not chafe. Connectors and cable lugs must be tight. If cables are soldered on, please make sure that the solder joint is conductive. The solder must flow well and must not simply be "scraped on". Do not heat up the switch or button with the soldering iron. If the plastic housing melts, you can throw it away.

Can switches and buttons break?

On older original parts, the spring can become lame and the switch will not close properly. A push button will not open properly with a lame spring. The contact surfaces may be corroded. If the switch or button can be disassembled, like the parts Harley-Davidson used until the early 1970s, it is worth trying to repair. Springs can be replaced, contact surfaces can be made bright again with fine emery. The later switch types cannot be disassembled. Only replacements can help.

The lifetime of switches and pushbuttons depends on the current they have to switch. At high currents contacts can burn, especially if the contact areas are (too) small.

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