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The brand Colony

… does not only stand for excellent reproductions of screws and bolts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Since its foundation in 1969 it stands for a - meanwhile - 4000 different kits broad selection of small parts, replacement parts, and accessory parts for Harleys - and they're continiously enhacing their range. Especially in their early years Harley-Davidson did not always stick to SAE regulations, but used it own standards for threads and surfaces. This is why Colony parts are rather produced in house when they're not available elsewhere in necessary quality. Colony is renowned for excellent service, quality, fitment and authenticity. This is what made them the first choice for workshops and restorers all around the Harley world.

The selection is outrageous

and comprises parts for Harley-Davidson models from 1911 to our days. Colony does not only offer goods that are suitable as original manufacturing replacement but also Custom Dress-up parts for the later models.

Colony - Where excellence Is Standard

At the same time, the completeness of the kits and the orientation to the original always impresses. Whatever square bolt heads or nuts, rare countersink angles - those from a Colony kit do fit. Be it tab and lock washers, wire eyelets, insulating washers, clips, pins or springs … what ever is needed is part of the kit. So, during all those years the W&W crews has been used to rely on Colony kits and bits.

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