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Samwel Supplies

Samwel Supplies

In 1980 after a 35.000km trip on his 1942 WLA sidecar combination to India and Nepal, Mr. Aad Samwel started the company. In the years before this journey, his old 1943 WLC took him everywhere else, as he ventured to make many friends around Europe. By doing so he learned all the skills, and gained the knowledge to restore an old Harley to back to perfection.
Through his connections, Mr. Samwel got hold of many 'hard to get ' parts, and as his interest in the harley business grew, he also learned all the leather manufacturing involved in antique Harleys as well as the overhauling of gearboxes and engines.
During the first 2 years from 1980, Aad Samwel started as a local WL specialist, doing all the works on, and supplying the necessary parts for the many 45" WL enthousiasts in his area. As the market became bigger, and original supplies became rare in a high rate, he saw the neccesity for replica replacement parts. The next year the first dozens of replica parts were made under his supervision when he started up the first factory in Poland with some friends, while Poland was still under a communist regime. In the meantime "Samwel's Saddlery" became a big name in Europe, by manufacturing all the seats and saddlebags to perfection for antique Harleys.
The company grew so fast, making sidecars, 45" parts, saddles and saddlebags that they were divided in Samwel's Sidecars, Samwel's Saddlery and Samwel's Spare parts. Nowadays all the products are sold under the Samwel's Supplies flag.
The demand of the parts reached such heights that the company decided to go into larger scale of production in different countries. As an expert in the field and with the vision he had, Aad Samwel controlled the manufacturing of the more than 2000 parts made for Samwel's Supplies.
Today the company has the largest selection of WL parts worldwide, it is possible to build a complete new WL, using the current replica production line! Also Samwel's Supplies is the manufacturer of the original style Springer forks, handlebars, brakes and lots of other parts which are used in modern retro style bike building.
The latest developments are the introduction of modern era electronics for the use in antique Harleys such as our electronic auto advance ignition for kick-start motors and 6 and 12 volt electronic regulators for 1936-1964 Harley's and the introduction of a 4 speed gearbox for WL's.

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