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Speedometers and Instruments
Custom Instruments

Custom Instruments

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Instruments to personalize

Want to quickly give your bike a different look? Replacing the speedometer and tachometer is relatively easy. The parts are easily accessible and the speedometer cable can be quickly removed and replaced. For those who still need a choice, there are custom instruments in various diameters and designs from Daytona, MMB and motogadget. The manufacturers stand for quality and functionality.

Mechanical or electronic?

Many older Harleys have a mechanical speedometer drive. If you want to continue using it, you check two things:

  • whether the speedometer you like is available with the right gear ratio and
  • if the speedometer shaft fits to the speedometer of your choice (connecting nut thread!). If not, you can order the matching speedometer cable at the same time.

The electronic solution is suitable for all cases where there is no speedometer drive:

  • the bike never had one, but only sensor
  • the speedometer drive has been "rationalized away" in the course of conversion measures
  • it simply no longer fits on the front wheel hub with the narrow triple clamp of Throttle Addiction.

Practical is also that the speed indicators of Daytona, MMB and motogadget are freely programmable and you do not have to worry about ratios. Disadvantage: The programming requires some patience, the cable connections must be really perfect.

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