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up to 60 mm Ø

60 mm - classic standard size

The first round instruments that were called "mini" are still known from the 70s and 80s. Uniform 60 mm case diameter, that was much smaller than anything that was standard on Harleys and other motorcycles at the time.

Mechanical? Electronic?

While in the 1970s motorcycle tachos were still driven purely mechanically, today you have the choice between cable drive and sensor. Both work, but with a cable drive you have to make sure that the calibration of the speedometer is correct (gear ratio), and with an electronic drive you have to make sure that the sensor is compatible and correctly calibrated. Anti-vibration suspension guarantees a longer life of the instrument, careful wiring of electronic instruments, too.

Instruments from the Velona series of Daytona are available with analog display via servomotor and also with digital displayvia LCD.

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