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motogadget Motoscope Mini Multifunctional Instruments
motogadget Motoscope Mini Multifunctional Instruments
An extremely compact, multifunctional digital instrument, which features a specially developed display with 251 ultra-bright LEDs for faultlessly readable indications. Small dimensions and easy to read - two properties which minimalists are always looking for when they realize custom projects. The clean and elegeant design matches most bike styles because it can be integrated discretely for an absolutely professional look! And finally, for all weight fetishists: even a bicycle speedometer can hardly beat its weight of 32 grams.
Casing It is completely backfilled and thus protected against weather influences, water, dust, and vibrations.
Display and Functions The display shows rpm with a horizontal LED bar graph. All other indications are shown in numerical values. Rpm can also be indicated as a numerical value in real time. In order to provide optimal readability in darkness, bright daylight and twilight, the intensity of LED illumination is adapted automatically. A rev-limiter can be preset (red area), or alternatively, this function can be used to work as a gear shift light. In both cases all LEDs start flashing when the preset engine speed is reached. To top it all off, the display is not only able to show readings horizontally but also vertically. This means that the instrument can be mounted either horizontally or vertically! The rpm bar can be set to either the left or right of the numerical indications.
Operation With the enclosed menu push button, or stock flasher button-switch, it is possible to alternate between different functions and modes. Short text indications of the selected functions permit simple programming and operation of the instrument. Besides rpm and speed you can switch to trip odometer, total odometer and trip time.
Installation Due to its compact size, the motoscope mini mounts easily to every vehicle with two threaded M3 bushings on the backside. Use it uncovered on the handlebars or triple tree or as an integrated device in a fairing or instrument panel.
Hook-up The motoscope mini is compatible with most stock speedometer sensors, be it dry reed contacts or inductive proximity switches. A load resistor is also enclosed for certain situations. This means the motoscope mini can simply be plugged in and no further sensor installation is required. An intelligent “teach function” allows to calibrate the speedometer in a very simple way - especially with bikes that are equipped with transmission speedo sensors. For universal installation a speedo sensor with connection wire is included with each kit.
Operational Safety The device operates without problems in a 7-18V voltage range. It is protected against peak voltages and reverse polarity.
Furnished with: The kit includes one motoscope mini with an approx. 50 cm long connection cable, a 6-terminal plug kit, one speedo sensor with 150 cm long connection cable (universal hook-up), two strong neodymium magnets, one epoxy glue kit, a mini push button, two fastening screws and washers, and a detailed assembly and operating manual.
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