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Speedo Cables

Speedometer cables

The rotation of the wheel (front, rear or in the gearbox) is translated and redirected via an angle drive or worm gear. The flexible speedometer cable then transmits the rotation to the speedometer itself. In the speedometer, the rotation of the cable is then converted into the displacement of the pointer.

Which speedometer cables are available?

Depending on where the drive is located, they are divided into cables for rear wheel connection, gear connection and front wheel connection. The cables for the good old Corbin accessory speedometers are once again a separate group. When connecting to the speedometer cable, there are different threads on the drive. The counterpart on the speedometer cable in the form of a union nut must fit. If you are not sure about the model assignment or you are stuck with it because you have a custom bike, follow the symbol pictures. For each model group of speedometer cable, there are clickable images that summarize the important characteristics of the speedometer cable connection.

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