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over 80 mm Ø

motogadget Chronoclassic Multifunctional Instruments
motogadget Chronoclassic Multifunctional Instruments
Multifunctional digital instrument which sports a classic round style housing with a flat and compact design, which offers unique possibilities for customizing your motorcycle dash. The design reminisces that of old Smiths tachometers. An attractive dial face with pointer yield that classic analogue look to the instrument‘s rev. counter, which is powered by a precision stepper motor. An LCD display and four control LED’s provide a precise, high definition read-out of the instrument‘s functions. Top notch materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods in combination with final assembly by hand and meticulous quality control of every single unit guarantee superb quality.
Housing The billet aluminium housing is machined on CNC equipment and features a brushed surface with anodised finish. It has an installation diameter of 80 mm and is completely waterproof.
Analogue and LCD Display Freely adjustable transmission ratios of the stepper motor in combination with effective needle damping result in accurate readings of the engine speed. The two-line LCD display has a permanent background lighting and with its 4 control LED’S provides excellent readability both with direct sunlight and at night. The red LED works as a warning light for the rev limiter, temperature (min./max.), oil pressure or similar.
Operation By pressing a menu button (not included), e.g. the headlamp flash switch on your handlebar controls, it is possible to alternate between the different LCD functions. The top line of the display always indicates the driving speed. All other read-out can be called up in the bottom line of the display.
Installation and Connection Generally, the motoscope classic can be connected to most any vehicle. Included with every unit are interconnecting electrical wires, a signal wire for the tachometer as well as an approved high-quality inductive proximity switch for speed measurement. Detailed instructions (in English) are also provided. Sensors for temperature and pressure must be purchased separately.
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Not everyone likes it mini

80 mm is not really small. A Sportster speedometer has the same diameter. But sometimes, especially on the Sportster or FX project, the look of the original instrument just bothers you. Or you want to eliminate the speedometer cable. Then round instruments like the Chronoclassic series from motogadget and Velona from Daytona are a good choice: clean, but not clinical, with needle and LCD field, plus control LEDs. Done.

And because our 80 mm round instruments from motogadget or Daytona display speed and rpm, you've actually saved an instrument.

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