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Axle Nuts

Axle Nuts

Axle nuts

Every wheel axle on a Harley-Davidson has a matching axle nut. The axle nut not only keeps the axle from spinning loose and, in the worst case, falling out, the axle nut also ensures that the wheel bearings and axle bushings form a frictional connection and that the wheel runs smoothly and freely.

Tighten axle nuts

On newer Harley-Davidson motorcycles (Touring models with 5 and 6 gears, Softails, Dynas, Evo-Sportsters), torques have been specified in the workshop manual since the 1990s. These should be adhered to. The wheel bearing spacers and the axle threads are otherwise unnecessarily stressed. However, because there is no standard torque for all models, we refer here to the model-specific workshop manuals.

For older models without torque specifications, an old mechanic's tip applies: only as tight as necessary. To do this, turn the installed wheel by hand. The wheel must run freely and must not have any perceptible wheel bearing play. And if the axle has a cotter pin hole, use it for the appropriate cotter pin.

Axle nut assortment

These nuts are available as complete kits at W&W Cycles, as reproductions of the original parts, parkerized, galvanized and chromed, as castle nut and as stop nut. Or in nice with hexagon socket. All kits include washers and spring washers and / or cotter pins, depending on the year of manufacture.

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