Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Diamond King Gas Tanks

    Diamond King Gas Tanks

    Gas tanks with distinctive diamond-style embossings on top and on the sides. They feature the same basic design as the stock counterparts but are made wider for increased ... more

  • Vanson TC Leather Jackets

    Vanson TC Leather Jackets

    Short 70´s style Race-look jacket with padded detailing on shoulders and upper arms. Two zippered hand pockets, one inside leather patch pocket, white Vanson logo on right sleeve, ... more

  • Ariel Rocket Mufflers

    Ariel Rocket Mufflers

    Custom version of an Ariel Red Hunter muffler with Rocket style end piece. The original design was slightly modified for universal use. Excellent quality, individually hand-made ... more

  • Harley-Davidson 1:9 VR 1000 Superbike Models

    Harley-Davidson 1:9 VR 1000 Superbike Models

    The increasing popularity of the AMA Superbike race series triggered HD to start development of its own weapon in 1988, but it was not until late 1993 that the first racer turned ... more

  • The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The classic look of the 32E generator and the more dependable technology of the later two brush generator - you can have the best of both worlds with these The Cyclery 32TC ... more

  • W&W Coach Jacket

    W&W Coach Jacket

    Light, water repellant coach jacket, made by Dickies, for the warmer seasons. It features a thin lining, two outer hand pockets, one inside pocket and a drawstring bottom. Easy ... more

  • Speedster Hollywood Handlebars

    Speedster Hollywood Handlebars

    Reproductions of the handlebars for Classic Springer forks. Speedster Hollywood bars feature a crossbar which was intended for mounting accessory lights, but many bikers liked the ... more

  • Tiki Kicker Pedal

    Tiki Kicker Pedal

    The hand-made Tiki kickstart pedal features a sturdy, heavy-duty construction and will look just right on your chopper. It uses a modified standard Harley kicker shaft for ... more

  • The Cyclery Tin Cans

    The Cyclery Tin Cans

    Nothing beats a little tin can, or several of them, to organize small things, which otherwise will mysteriously disappear sooner or later. You can put them to a thousand uses in ... more

  • Intake Housings 1917-1929

    Intake Housings 1917-1929

    Reproductions of the stock intake housings as used on IOE models. Each housing includes an allocating pin (not mounted) and is pre-marked for drilling in the original position. more

  • PCP Linkert Insulating Block

    PCP Linkert Insulating Block

    Insulator for Linkert carburetors as used by the factory on Panheads, however it will fit all Linkert applications using the 4 bolt mounting flange. It features an o-ring seal on ... more

  • Stance H-D Road Boss Socks

    Stance H-D Road Boss Socks

    Nothing rides like a Harley-Davidson and with a pair of these classic crew socks by Stance you will sit on your scoot in style. Thanks to deep heel pockets and plush combed ... more

  • Bates AGM Mini Batteries

    Bates AGM Mini Batteries

    These reliable batteries are suited for any purpose, be it long distance riding or drag strip applications. They are gel-filled which means guaranteed not to spill or leak. ... more

  • Mythos Sportster

    Mythos Sportster

    This book tells it all: history, technology and model evolution, from then to now. In addition, it provides hints and tips for customizing and tuning and shows some of the world´s ... more

  • Rick’s Bull's Eye Derby Covers

    Rick’s Bull's Eye Derby Covers

    Interesting clutch cover with Makrolon sight glass. CNC machined from aluminum and absolutely oil tight with its two O-rings. Factory mounting screws can be retained. more

  • The Cyclery Glass Lenses for Two-Light Dash Covers

    The Cyclery Glass Lenses for Two-Light Dash Covers

    This replacement lens for Two-Light dash covers meets highest restoration standards. Precisely made from real glass, slightly convex and with the correct colour and lettering. ... more

  • 7-Metal-West Fenders

    7-Metal-West Fenders

    These custom rear fenders are manufactured by the US-based company 7-Metal-West. Each one is rolled on traditional machinery from thick copper sheet metal. This makes them very ... more

  • Thor Soft Hammers

    Thor Soft Hammers

    When loosening or tighteneing larger sized nuts and bolts a few hammer strikes often do the trick. Putting a cover into place also becomes alot easier when you can assist with a ... more

  • DynaMite Knee-Saver

    DynaMite Knee-Saver

    Running an S&S Super E or G carb on Knuckleheads and Panheads results in the Teardrop air cleaner sticking out pretty far and interfering with your right knee. This low profile ... more

  • PanAm Grease Fighter

    PanAm Grease Fighter

    A heavy duty brake cleaner which cleans and degreases metal and glass surfaces. It removes oil, grease, resins, tar, wax, dust and dirt - fast and efficiently. Good penetration, ... more

  • Pangea Speed Zephyr Handlebars

    Pangea Speed Zephyr Handlebars

    The name of these handlebars derives from the largest fleet of streamliner trains in the United States, called Zephyrs. They covered almost every route on the mainlines and for ... more

  • LBT Go Bag

    LBT Go Bag

    Smaller sized courier bag that will perfectly hold and organize your stuff during short trips. The interior divider, pouches and sleeves together with various outer pouches will ... more

  • Regatta Garage Risers

    Regatta Garage Risers

    Cute risers that kick inward about 7/32” from the riser-bolt centerline to allow for clamping of narrow-center handlebars. more

  • Coker Diamond Tread Clincher Tires

    Coker Diamond Tread Clincher Tires

    The Firestone Diamond Tread tire was standard equipment on Milwaukee’s products and on most US competitors up to 1940. Its typical appearance is strongly related to the bikes of ... more

  • Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaning Wipes

    Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaning Wipes

    Hand cleaner that works without any water, thus also perfectly suited for roadside use. These pre-moistened wipes have a textured surface that is ideal for cleaning heavy-duty ... more

  • Vard MFG. Kicker Pedals

    Vard MFG. Kicker Pedals

    Anybody still know the 40es' Vard forks? Yeah, right … the ones with those bronze braces! Here's the kicker pedal made from the same stuff, say anticorrosive manganese bronze, ... more