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Mooneyes Show, Avesta, Sweden

Mooneyes Show, Avesta, Sweden

Moon Landing in Sweden.

Happily, this is the kind of Moon experience you don’t need rockets or spaceships for, and you don’t even have to be an astronaut. Almost extraterrestrial though were the machines that had landed in the former ironworks "Verket" in Avesta, Sweden. Altogether some 50 impeccable motorcycles were lovingly parked in a Victorian world of rusty iron and bricks.

Behind all this hubbub

with 1.500 visitors were of course our friends from Mooneyes. In this case the Swedish section, who had picked the best bikes from all the entries. How convenient, that our man from Sweden, Mattias "LeBeeF" Andersson was in the neighbourhood and had a camera ready.

A glance at the local Swedish press revealed that the comedian Robert „Prim“ Gustafsson* had entered a bike (blue, with rolled-up blanket) named „Tribute to Swedish Style“, with a fittingly long front end. Also, a certain Jan-Åke Kunnari from Fors had credibly recreated his own red long fork Shovel chop he used to ride in the 80s. To top it all, Örjan Svensson from Skogsbo had entered a cafe racer, possibly the impressive Honda you’ll find in the pics. We’re still researching this.

With these stunning details from the Swedish Moon adventure we hand back to our surface crew.

*Main Actor of "The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared"