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Old & Proud, Calafell, E

Old & Proud, Calafell, E

Pictures and story by Mattias "Le Beef" Andersson:

Plan was to leave after lunch on Friday to ride to La Cantera Biker Bar in Calafell about 1hour south of Barcelona where Old & Proud Gipsy Camp takes place, and since it is sunny 300+ days here in Barcelona area it never crossed my mind that the weather could mess up those plans. But guess what, yes raining cats and dogs Friday afternoon. For some reason my buddies changed their plans to go Saturday morning instead, so teamed up with some other friends from the area and decision was made to go a bit later in the afternoon.

Was riding thru Barcelona around six o clock,

in monsoon rain with the freeways jam packed due to Friday afternoon traffic, but also the heavy rain made cars to more or less stop on the roads. Due to mostly sunny days people are not very used to drive in rain, and especially not rain like this. Lane splitting as much as possible in crazy rain sure did the trip interesting. At one point when the traffic lighten up a bit so we could go a slightly faster (still crazy rain tho), I looked over my shoulder when changing lane and my visor took a flight off from my helmet - so that sure made it even more interesting to ride there in the rain. Luckily there was a pair of shades fitted on my pack roll at the handlebar so fit those on while trying to find my way thru traffic.

Just south of Barcelona

rain stopped and sky started to clear up, we went of the freeway onto beautiful coast road around city of Garraf - Life was good! - then stop at gas station for gas and coffee, already dried up from the sun - all absolutely perfect again!

Arrived at show somewhere around eight, there was already good party going on with quite some bikes and people there.

Saturday morning more and more bikes starts to show up at the show, both 'Pre '84’ and ’The Rest’ parking areas filling up quickly. Cool bikes, awesome people, great food and cold cervezas made a great day. Kicker contest ‘Kick Start King’ in the afternoon and then bands playing in the evening - First out a AC/DC cover band ‘Rosie’s Rock Band’ then ’The Mother Crow’ Heavy rock from Barcelona - good times...