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The Prowl, Bisbee, Arizona

The Prowl, Bisbee, Arizona


In a "I’ll-go-and-get-a-taco" distance to the Mexican border, in a remote corner of Arizona, there’s this little mining town that has been in a deep slumber for the last one hundred or so years. Bisbee is the name of the place, and apart from a main street ready to shoot yet another episode of Bonanza there hasn’t been much to write home about here. Until it got voted one of the weirdest towns of the USA in 2000. And, erm, in 2013 they outlawed … plastic bags. After that, everyone went back to sleep, in spite of the noise of the tumbleweeds.

But, in 2022, Bisbee was the place

where the elusive element chopperite was discovered. Scientifically unexplained, reforming once a year into eye popping, self propelled lumps of metal, with long hand rails and equally long hollow tubes, emanating burbling, chattering noises and the smell of burning hydrocarbons. The whole place is flooded with dudes and dudettes, motors and music, and the code word "The Prowl" can be heard half whispered in dark corners.

When we had stumbled in

semi accidentally last year, it was insane, and we wanted to know if the phenomenon would materialize again this year. And, yes, it did: the chopperite rush was on again. People came from far away and paid homage to the choppery stuff that makes faces bright, gets the stories from the road flowing and confirms the resolution to be back yet another time next year, for the crazy chopperite-rush in Bisbee, Arizona, USA.