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Virginia City RoundUp, NV, USA

Virginia City RoundUp, NV, USA

Our favourite ghost town, Virginia City, Nevada, with its smell of the Gold Rush, Mark Twain, the gunsmoke of the nearby Ponderosa Ranch (remember Bonanza?), and starring in the famous Lucky Luke comics has a new entry in its history book: Choppers magazine had sent out invites to the „Virginia City Round Up Motorcycle Rodeo“ extravaganza, right on the foot of Mount Davidson. The burble of uncounted numbers of Harleys mixed with the creaking of the old wooden sidewalks in front of the dozens of saloons, snorts of untamed bulls and mustangs, the rollicking sound of "The Rhyolite Sound's" steel guitars and the sweet noise of beer gurgling down numberless throats. All this rolled together into an epic brain meltdown on our part, meaning, we only have rather fractured memories of the event :)

Saturday they had this fantabulous bike show, with Harley hardware out of this world. Some had been ridden all the way to the event, some were just finished building and had arrived in the back of a pickup, but all of them a sight to behold.

The pre-party was a kind of poker card game, you got a list of 5 saloons you had to drink yourselves through :) , picked up a card in each one, and who had the best cards in the end won. We just can’t remember what :) apart from a load of new friends.

The Friday – was there a Friday? Oh, yeah, there was the concert of „The Rhyolite Sound“, they had both kinds, country AND western :) The opera house was packed, the street was packed, all good!

What else was there: a rodeo! They had bulls and broncos kicking and throwing people left and right and a few specialty disciplines such as "Being dragged through the dust by a horse on your belly".

Came Sunday the wildest ride of the year was already over. And we were still alive. One damn fine ride we did have!