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Fuel Cleveland 23, Ohio, USA

Or let’s say, a place not too far

away from Cleveland, Ohio. Half an hour’s ride outside Cleveland there’s Hale Farm, set in a nature reserve so idyllic that Hollywood producers couldn’t think of a better spot. Going to Hale Farm is a dream in itself, on beautiful country roads to beat all idyllic country roads. But we were in a hurry to set up our stall, which was a good thing we did, ’cos the first day was a rain out. In the afternoon, leaf blowers were used to dry off the bikes after the rains had stopped, and we had time to check out the bikes on hand still glistening with raindrops.

This show is different to other US shows

in as much as here there’s a good many non US brands, such as Horex, BMWs, two strokes, race bikes, everything on a really high level. After the gates opened the bike parking was filling fast, and punters were checking out all those booths offering everything to bling up your bike, your bod or your home in style. Sunday did credit to its name, the sun was out full blaze, we had many good talks about the parts we had brought, but before we could go for another round of bike appreciating, the rains were back. We did what the Ohio people did: kept our calm against the floods, and marked the Fuel Cleveland for next year in our calendar.