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Classic screwdrivers

Flat blade or cross-shaped blades are the standard shapes of screwdrivers. There are two different types of cross-shaped indentations: Phillips and Pozidriv (abbreviated as PH and PZ). The Phillips screwdriver head shows only a single cross-section, while the Pozidriv shows a double cross-section, a big one and a smaller one 45° apart from it. The slot shapes in the screw heads are not really compatible with each other and if you use the wrong tool, you will quickly mess up the screw head. If the bolt head is made of a softer material, such as the notorious Phillips bolts on Japanese motorcycles of the 60s and 70s, you can restore the head with a good blow on its top. What does this have to do with Harley? Our popular Mikuni and Keihin carburetors still have such screws - in the particularly susceptible M4 and M5 sizes.

Unscrewing and tightening slotted screws correctly

The slot in the screw head is cut straight, not wedge-shaped. This is why the best screwdriver blades are hollow-ground with parallel sides at the end. Wedge-ground blades tend to tilt and offer less guidance. The screwdriver blade should be as wide as the slot in the screw head and as long as the slot. Be careful with countersunk screws: if the blade is too wide, it will scratch the countersunk material. Then the countersink — e.g. in your gear case — is no longer good and the screw head slot will also be spoiled as the blade won't fit deep enough into the slot.

Bit or complete tool?

Both offer their own advantages: the bits can be exchanged quickly and, in combination with a ratchet bit holder, you are the king of speed. They also save a lot of space in the toolbox. What's more, if you want, you can also clamp the bits in a cordless tool and make use of some whirring electric support. The screwdriver on the other side is the classic. It's comfortably gripped by the palm - at least our screwdrivers with a wooden handle from Grace or with a multi-component handle from Bahco. The turning force can be additionally supported with open-end wrenches that are hooked to the blade. Stubborn screws can be loosened with a tap on the handle. The impact head equipped blade that goes right through the handle of the Bahco series is just right for this.

L-shaped screwdrivers: access from the side

Mixture adjustment screws on the carburetor's underside or the screws on the clamps of manifold rubbers are just two examples where a screwdriver blade won't reach to the screw head directly from the front. In between the pan covers space is scarce so that you would like to have special screwdrivers to gain access to the Pan cover screws. Angled screwdrivers are suitable for access from the side or "at an angle". 90° angle of rotation, in various blade sizes and shapes.

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