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Elektronikbox D-Box Control Module

Control module »D-Box«

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Custom wiring harnesses with micro buttons on the handlebars, almost always face the mechanic with the same question: Where to put the relays? The buttons themselves do not stand high switching currents.

The programmable control modules from Axel Joost Elektronikbox combine the basic bike functions (horn, load independent turn signals, head light, starter) in one box and eliminate the need for relays. Control is via thin cables to the buttons on the handlebars, the outputs switch the electrical loads.

The minimal size of the boxes allows a mounting in the head light shell, under the tank or hidden under the seat ... in short: everywhere on the bike, where there is just a little space.

A not to be underestimated advantage beside the saving of the relays is also that the modules simplify the wiring of custom bikes substantially and one gets along with very few cables.

The modules are sealed waterproof and are delivered with a 20 A fuse.

The D-Box offers - compared to the H-Box from the same brand - enhanced features that can be relevant for security functions on more recent bikes. Here's a list of the D-Box's functions and circuits:

  • Turn signals left and right (by push button or switch)
  • An extra wire for the turn signal indicator LED (safes you wiring diodes or LED-adapters)
  • Turn signal cancellation and position light function programmable
  • High and low beam (by push button or switch)
  • Horn (push button)
  • Brakelight (push button)
  • Engine start (push button)
  • Ignition power supply
  • Neutral and sidestand switch can be used as security circuit
  • Emergency switch (kill switch by push button or by switch)
  • LED equipped function control for all circuits

The D-Box can be used together with the OEM TS(S)M. This feature will preserve speed-dependent turn signal cancellation and the alarm system.

There is also a small device called D-Box adapter that takes all the pulses from the handlebar push buttons and passes them on to the D-Box via a one wire bus. This way you will be able install the D-Box under e.g. the seat and just route one single wire to the handlebar, instead of a wire loom made up from at least six wires.

  • L x W x H: 50 x 42 x 13 mm
  • with 20 cm of wires
  • gross weight: 78 g
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