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I-Beam Forks for C, V, D, R, W Models 1930-1939

I-Beam Forks for C, V, D, R, W Models 1930-1939

What does the designation "I-Beam" mean ?

The name "I-Beam" comes from the fact that the rear, drop-forged rigid fork is similar in cross-section to the shape of steel beams used in building construction. I-Beam forks were used on all 45"/750cc Harley-Davidson models from 1930-1939 and on V models 1930-1936.

How do the I-Beam forks for 45"/750cc Flatheads differ from those for V models?

For one thing, the diameter of the seerinh head axle is 7/8" on 45"/750cc models and 1-1/8" on 74" and 80" models. For another, the rockers on 45"/750cc models were mounted on the inside of the fork legs and were interchangeable because they were identical. On 1930-1936 V models, larger rockers were used and mounted on the outside of the fork legs and were not interchangeable.

Another difference is that on 45"/750cc forks the mudguards are attached to the rigid fork and the wheel thus springs into the fender (spring type). On V models, the mudguards are attached to the spring fork and the fender is always the same distance from the wheel (unsprung type, i.e. the mudguard is physically part of the non-sprung parts of the chassis together with the front wheel).

Are new and complete I-Beam forks available? No.

But it is not impossible to find a well-preserved, used original fork on swap meets.

Our product range includes a wide range of spare parts such as rockers, triple clamps, steering head bearings, grease nipples, friction and steering dampers, bushings and bolt sets.

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