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Cycle Electric Generators 65A Type 12V

Reproductions of stock H-D generators 1958→ with matchless build quality. The connections between armature winding and commutator are spot-welded instead of being soldered, for a more positive and longer lasting bond. The insulating material of the armature is genuine maple hardwood, instead of the usual paper insulation. These generators are 100% reliable wherever the road leads you.

Available as stock replacement for 58 and 65A type generators used on 1958→ models or as a conversion for 1932 - 1957 models, where the earlier 32E 3-brush generator was factory equipment.

This conversion generator has, contrary to the stock 1958→ 58 and 65A type generators, ¼"-24 mounting bolts just like the stock 32E generator and can be used on 1932-1957 models without modification.

Both versions utilize the later style 1958→ armature, which works on 1932-1957 and 1958→ cases. The later style 1958→ (eg WW 13-710) sprocket must be used. The →1957 armature sprocket can NOT be used. Likewise, oil deflector plates and regulators 1958→ must be used. The engine drive gears can remain unchanged.

  • black
  • 12 V
  • replaces Harley-Davidson part number 29975-65A
  • USA

Polarizing Generators

New or refurbished generators should be polarized to correctly establish field magnetism. First you connect the generator correctly to the regulator and the latter to the battery. Then you short battery and armature connectors on your regulator just for a snatch. Or you jumper the positive pole on your battery and the generator A terminal. The short spark is harmless.

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Cycle Electric Generators 65A Type 12V
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Cycle Electric Generators 65A Type 12V
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