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Generator Gears 32E

32E gears can be used on 58/65A generators, too, in this application, however, they must be secured with a lock nut.

  • for Generator
  • for 32E
  • steel

Generator Gears

Generator gears have either 13 or 14 teeth. All models used 14 tooth gears through 1957. The 1958 to 1969 Panheads and Shovelheads used a 13-tooth gear.

All of the 45’s, K models and Sportster use a 14-tooth gear. 45’s require a built in slinger. The gear mesh on 1957 and earlier models is adjustable. It may be possible to use a 13-tooth gear if the proper gear mesh can be achieved. This will increase the low speed generator output by 66%.

On three brush generators (→1957 the gear is held on with a roll pin. These gears have a hole for the roll pin. On a two brush generator (1958→ the gear is held on with a nut.

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