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Generators and Corresponding Regulators
58 and 65A Type Generators
Cycle Electric Generators with End Bell Regulator "LeBeeF Edition"

Cycle Electric Generators with End Bell Regulator "LeBeeF Edition"

Reproductions of stock H-D generators 1958→ with matchless build quality. The connections between armature winding and commutator are spot-welded instead of being soldered, for a more positive and longer lasting bond. The insulating material of the armature is genuine maple hardwood, instead of the usual paper insulation. These generators are 100% reliable wherever the road leads you.

Our custom generator has an integrated regulator which makes a separate external regulator, regulator mounting bracket, and the associated wiring obsolete. This helps to clean up the bike considerably.

The generator cases have 4 instead of the regular 2 mounting holes for the end bell bearing support plate/brush cover assembly, so the regulator's cooling fins can be aligned either horizontally or parallel to the cylinder fins.

This special edition brings a stock-like vintage look to your generator. Cycle Electric is now producing Mattias "Le Beef" Andersson's hand polished cast prototype in a limited run. State of the art technology meets Le Beef's inimitable style.

  • with End Bell regulator
  • steel / cast aluminum, black, painted / polished
  • 12 V
  • thread: 5/16”-24
  • USA

Low Voltage Regulators

Low voltage regulators have a max charging voltage of 13,8 V instead of the usual 14,5 V. There are cases, where the lower charge voltage is advisable: e.g. when the battery sits in the oil tank, as in Softails, where overheating of the battery has been known during hot weather, or when a 6 V to 12 V conversion places the 12 V battery inside the oil tank, where overheating of the battery also may be a problem.

Also, when using a modern lithium ion battery, the maximum charge voltage is 14,6 V. The stock regulator cut off voltage of 14,5 V sits right on this limit. Using a low voltage regulator positively avoids damage to the battery. If you are unsure about which regulator type to choose, contact our service team, they'll be happy to sort you out.

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Cycle Electric Generators with End Bell Regulator
14.5 V Charging voltage
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Cycle Electric Generators with End Bell Regulator
»Low Voltage«; 13.8 V Charging voltage
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