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The Cyclery

If you lost your heart and soul to the Milwaukee iron steeds from the first decades of the last century, you'll probably appreciate every little bit of help you can get to make your wrenching life a tiny bit easier. Here's The Cyclery.

Way back when motorcycles were little more than motorized bicycles, a Cyclery usually was a shop or workshop. From our own sweat stained, cussword-lined experience we know what black holes of non-existent availability of long obsolete parts exist in the world of historic machines. Not to mention the prices that rare OEM parts can command. So a while ago we started to have a selection of hard-to-find tools and spares reproduced by master craftsmen using period methods.

Among them are not only exact reproductions but also a couple of period-respecting newly developed parts. In the 100 years between then and now a few points of improvement may have popped up. Originality has been respected where it counts, and improvements may have been introduced where it seemed desirable.

Needless to say that we stick to our principles with old iron, too: we ride it – we sell it. And that doesn’t mean just around the block. We rode a 1915 model F across the USA, 3400 miles from Atlantic City to Carlsbad, CA, during the 2016 Cannonball Race of the Century. This turned out to be the ultimate test for many a part offered under the brand THE CYCLERY.

And even if your next ride doesn’t aim that far, having some extra built-in stamina means less worries on the road. The Cyclery is stoked by the idea of making life working on a historic motorcycle that little bit easier.