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Handlebars Custom Universal

Handlebars Custom Universal

Handlebars (measured in inches), high and low, wide and narrow, straight, pullback or curved.

The handlebars shape the appearance of the Harley and the posture of the rider. Appearance? Sure. It starts with the whopping 1-inch diameter tubes that Harleys have been equipped with since forever. Imagine a big 130 front tire in a Hydra Glide fork and then a 22 mm tube like on the Hondas, Triumphs etc. ... You know what I mean. And then of course it makes a difference whether someone reaches up to get to the throttle, or leans forward to do so, or simply sits upright on the bike.

And because the appearance is very important when choosing and exchanging handlebars, we offer you the handlebars nicely sorted by shape and height. And somehow, yes, we need to have things ordered. Many of our handlebars are universal. The handlebars without dimples fit perfectly to Knucklehead, Flathead, Panhead or Shovelheads until 1981. The handlebars with dimples are used on Harley models from 1981 onwards, such as the Softail, Dyna or Sportster.

Who makes the handlebars for W&W? Do handlebars from W&W deliver what they promise?

In any case, you won't find any no-name handlebars or homemade stuff from basement workshops here. We offer a select collection of Paughco, Biltwell and Faber from the US and Fehling, V-Team or LSL from good old Germany, as well as Bates. Cannonball bars are manufactured in Europe. Wherever (testing) technically possible, the handlebars come with TÜV.

TÜV? Who cares?

Even if in many countries nobody cares how high, wide or deep a motorcycle handlebar is, in Germany, Switzerland or Austria you can't get around "TÜV". TÜV means that the handlebar has been tested for strength, breakage and vibration behavior according to certain guidelines. There is a document (certificate, operating permit) for the test, online or sometimes on paper upon delivery. The document allows the handlebar to be fitted to the models listed there. The document also determines whether you can simply stick it to the other vehicle documents and then just have it with you, or whether the conversion must be noted in the vehicle documents. Actually quite simple …

W&W has so many different handlebars

True. After all, there are many different tastes. And favorite positions when driving. And ... so that one can make oneself to some extent with the selection a picture, there is to all Custom handlebars a technical drawing with dimensions and views from four perspectives. That helps, right?

Have any questions?

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