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Clutch Cables

Clutch Cables

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Clutch cables

If you use your foot to change gears, you have to use your hand to engage the clutch. If you don't want to take your hand off the handlebar, the clutch lever plus clutch cable is the adequate solution. The trick comes from off-road sports, the English and the Germans invented it. From 1952, Harley-Davidson offered foot shift and manual clutch, and for the K models , Big Twins, the ELF and FLF models with the F for foot shift as an alternative option to the EL and FL with manual shift and foot clutch.

Change clutch cables

Barnett clutch cables are of the most durable quality, but not everyone has a clutch cable from this manufacturer, with stainless steel wire core and welded nipples. So one day it´s time for a change. Because not all Harleys are original and because the original cable lengths do not fit every handlebar, you can select the clutch cables here according to technical features:

Use the connecting nipples on the handlebar and on the opposite end as a guideline and compare the icons, in addition to the model specification. In addition to our high-resolution illustrations, there are also tables showing the most important dimensions, topped off with drawings.

The exchange itself is quite simple: first you set the cable adjusters to zero, i.e. maximum possible play. Then you release the cable cover from the clips on the frame and unhook the cable from the handlebar. Then unhook at the opposite end. The owners of older Harleys have a clear advantage here: the cable can simply be unhooked from the clutch release lever. On K-models and Sportsters up to 1970, the release lever is located under the pinion cover. On Big Twins with five- and six-speed transmissions the transmission cover has to come off, but – luckily - if the moped is leaning on the side stand, the transmission oil doesn't leak out. On Sportsters from model year 1971-up it´s a greasy job: the clutch cable runs into the primary cover which must come off, so drain the beforehand. If you are not sure, always consult the workshop manual.

Since Barnett clutch cables "hide" behind different finishes (vinyl black, Dura Glyde, steel braided), you can get an overview here: https://www.wwag.com/de/barnett

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