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Fork Sliders

Fork Sliders

Fork sliders for telescopic forks

In case of conventional telescopic forks the lower part, in the case of the upside-down the upper part. Conventional sliders differ depending on the Harley model by inner diameter and by brake anchorage (drum brake, disc brake caliper), and also by material. Since the 1970s, usually made of aluminum, but before that they also used steel.

Buying new fork sliders

If ou want to change your Hydra-Glide from the classic drum brake to a disc brake, plan to give your Harley-Davidson a facelift and say goodbye to accumulated quirks and scratches, or you are forced to do so due to technical defects, such as worn brake mounts or accident damage: sometimes buying new is inevitable. Especially in the case of accident damage, the purchase of new sliders is mandatory, since welding is not allowed on aluminum fork parts and aluminum swingarms.

We offer sliders for Harley-Davidson forks of 4-speed models 1949-1977. Fork bushings and fork sealing rings are already pre-assembled, which makes installation much easier.

Fork tube maintenance

With regular maintenance (change fork oil! Replace sealing rings!), sliders last a very long time. If the clearance between slider and tube becomes too large (anything that can be felt is too large), it's time to replace the fork bushings. Bushings for Hydra and Electra Glide →1977 and K model and Sportster →1972 need to be honed after press-fitting. The bushings on the 1984 and later forks are fitted to the stanchions and pressed in below the seal ring. If the play is still too large after replacement, only measuring the tubes and replacing what is worn will help. All Sportster forks 1973-1983 and the Electra Glide and Wide Glide forks 1977-1983 do not have bushings. When worn, the complete tubes must be replaced.

Spare parts such as fork bushings, stop bushings, dust caps, sealing rings and drain plugs are available from us.

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