Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Bates Tires Baja 100

    Bates Tires Baja 100

    Gravel, rocks and roadkill – here’s a tire that knows no fear. Whistle into town, come back across the fields Steve McQueen style. Do some racing among friends on the neighborhood ... more

  • The Cyclery Clutch and Brake Pedal Pads

    The Cyclery Clutch and Brake Pedal Pads

    Variations of the accessory clutch and brake pedal pads with a The Cyclery logo embossed into the contact surface. 1/2” thick restoration quality. Sold individually. more

  • PanAm Oil SAE 20W-50

    PanAm Oil SAE 20W-50

    Our traditional multigrade engine lubricant for all year round usage, suitable for heavy loads. This high performance lubricant complies with API SL. more

  • Bahco Mechanics' Roller Seats

    Bahco Mechanics' Roller Seats

    For those who need to get along without a lift while wrenching on their bike, this mechanic's roller seat offers the best possible level of comfort. Two small drawers on one side ... more

  • Bates Heritage Pillon Pads

    Bates Heritage Pillon Pads

    The perfect match for your Bates Heritage solo seat is one of these P-Pads. Handcrafted in Sweden from fine leather with a classy Tuck & Roll design. Slightly tilted towards the ... more

  • Rockmount Hawaii Shirts

    Rockmount Hawaii Shirts

    A tribute to Hawaii’s rich Cowboy Paniolo tradition which came to Hawaii with "imported" Mexican vaqueros, these shirts feature a special combination of materials and design. ... more

  • Knipex Combination Shears

    Knipex Combination Shears

    Need an emergency gasket for your motorcycle? Cut your own! The Knipex combination shears are great assistants for cutting cardboard, plastics, aluminium, brass and copper foils. ... more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • Lowbrow Pursuit Shifter Pegs

    Lowbrow Pursuit Shifter Pegs

    Matching the Pursuit foot pegs in style and creed, the Pursuit shifter peg is exactly what it needs to be. The heavy knurling ensures positive, non-slip contact when shifting. ... more

  • Greasy Kulture Magazines

    Greasy Kulture Magazines

    Greasy Kulture started in 1999 as an obsession and a love for the aesthetics of yesteryear, from the early motorcycle clubs that sprang up on America's west coast after WWII to ... more

  • Bates Handlebars Baja 17

    Bates Handlebars Baja 17

    No matter if you race at the Baja California 1000 or if you’re on a short trip to the nearby stone quarry, your Bates Baja bars will be ready for it. And on asphalt, too, they cut ... more

  • Lowbrow Pursuit Foot Pegs

    Lowbrow Pursuit Foot Pegs

    Form-follows-function footpegs with heavy knurling and larger diameter end cap to ensure your feet aren't slipping off while you are riding down the road. The male mount bolts ... more

  • Fork Electric Timer Covers

    Fork Electric Timer Covers

    These neat timer covers sport a truly sparking design. more

  • The Cyclery Screwdrivers for Handlebar End Plugs

    The Cyclery Screwdrivers for Handlebar End Plugs

    This is the tool you always wished to have when it’s time to loosen those frozen handlebar end screws. We all know that even the largest screwdriver in the average toolbox simply ... more

  • Easyriders Cooler and Regulator Cowl for Softail 2018→

    Easyriders Cooler and Regulator Cowl for Softail 2018→

    This cowl replaces the stock oil cooler cover and extends over the regulator for a complete new look. Gel coated and ready to be painted. more

  • Bates Idle Adjuster Screws for CV-Carburetors

    Bates Idle Adjuster Screws for CV-Carburetors

    Idle adjustment of Keihin carbs can be annoying because the adjusting screw is somewhat hard to reach, in particular with stock air cleaners and large gas tanks. The Bates ... more

  • HMB Shifter Ratchet for 750cc/45cui

    HMB Shifter Ratchet for 750cc/45cui

    This shifter mechanism basically works like a Ratchet Top of Big-Twin models: after each shifting operation all involved levers return to their home position and are ready for the ... more

  • Fork Handlebar Clamps

    Fork Handlebar Clamps

    The classic, smooth appearance of these handlebar clamps make them a perfect match for old style choppers or bobbers. Intended for FORK cast aluminum turn signals but they can ... more

  • Bates AGM Mini Batteries

    Bates AGM Mini Batteries

    These reliable batteries are suited for any purpose, be it long distance riding or drag strip applications. They are gel-filled which means guaranteed not to spill or leak. ... more

  • Bahco 6/12 V Battery Chargers and Maintainers

    Bahco 6/12 V Battery Chargers and Maintainers

    Bahco battery chargers and maintainers are fully automatic and micro-processor controlled. Being of the "connect and forget" - type means that you hook them up to your motorcycle ... more

  • Bates Light-Bar

    Bates Light-Bar

    Born as a spotlight but used on Choppers as Custom headlight since the 1960’s, sometimes even two of them. The timeless rectangular design makes it look right at home with all ... more

  • Bahco 5 Flat Tip and Phillips Screwdriver Set

    Bahco 5 Flat Tip and Phillips Screwdriver Set

    Screwdrivers with comfortable, 2-component handle made with over 75% rubber and integrated hanging hole. Maximum grip thanks to the vertical anti-slip grooves in the handle. Easy ... more

  • Daytona Capsule-120 LED Headlights

    Daytona Capsule-120 LED Headlights

    Compact LED headlamp for all types of motorcycles. Features a sturdy insert which is shakeproof, vibration resistent and waterproof. more

  • Bahco 225-Plus Hacksaw

    Bahco 225-Plus Hacksaw

    A professional and strong hacksaw frame for high blade tension which yields straight and accurate cuts. Features a blade tensioning mechanism with blade retaining spring for easy ... more

  • Bates Headlight Housing

    Bates Headlight Housing

    Being in business since decades the Bates headlamp became a classic itself. Chopper and Bobber history is unthinkable without it, neither the future. With blue high beam indicator. more

  • motogadget m.view spy Mirrors

    motogadget m.view spy Mirrors

    These m.view mirrors perfectly match bar end indicators. They can be mounted left or right, above or below the handlebars, directly on the handle bar end (22 mm and ... more

  • Roadkill OUTSIDE OILERS T-Shirts

    Roadkill OUTSIDE OILERS T-Shirts

    Outside Oilers? No, this is not about the legendary switch in the method of getting the much needed lubrication fluids to the cylinder heads on vintage H-Ds. Which btw happened ... more