Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Bates BattBoy 65

    Bates BattBoy 65

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in the battery tray, on the frame, on the swingarm, ... more

  • PanAm Oil Slide

    PanAm Oil Slide

    Oil change without a mess! This rubberized aluminum alloy sheet allows you to form an individual funnel or trough to direct your waste oil from the hard-to-reach oil tank drain ... more

  • Bates Tustin Handlebars

    Bates Tustin Handlebars

    It is not far from Tustin, CA to the Santa Catalina island, where the Catalina Grand Prix, a 100-mile race, was held until the late Fifties. The Bates Tustin handlebars would have ... more

  • Dehen Watch Caps

    Dehen Watch Caps

    You simply can´t live without it anymore once you added such a watch cap to your personal gear. Made by Dehen, Oregon/USA which spells quality: 100% wool knit in excellent ... more

  • Easyriders Short Cowl Tail Section

    Easyriders Short Cowl Tail Section

    What a booty! The Short Cowl tail section is is pretty much the sharpest thing you can have at your Sporty’s rear end. Made from robust, gel-coated fiber glass it comes with a ... more

  • PanAm Transmission Vent Screw

    PanAm Transmission Vent Screw

    Replaces the stock vent screw on all Big Twin transmissions 1936–79, which is often plugged by dirt. A plugged vent screw causes pressure build-up and consecutive oil-leaking. To ... more

  • Morris Magneto Model M5 for Big Twin 1973-1999

    Morris Magneto Model M5 for Big Twin 1973-1999

    Features a special spring loaded device for a hot starting spark even with a slow turning engine, making kick-starting a breeze. more

  • Belmont Blanket Heritage Blankets

    Belmont Blanket Heritage Blankets

    The blanket which can do outdoors - no ifs and buts. Its double layer design with Pendleton Serape wool fabric top and a Scottish waxed cotton fabric, water repellent bottom the ... more

  • Mooneyes Cole Foster Headlight

    Mooneyes Cole Foster Headlight

    Cole Foster of Salinas Boyz Custom designed this headlight for Mooneyes. It is made from the same high quality aluminum as the Moon oil tanks. The cone body has a smooth shape ... more

  • The Cyclery Spoke Nipples 1930-1959 Type

    The Cyclery Spoke Nipples 1930-1959 Type

    Finally, here they are, folks - the correct 1930-1959 type spoke nipples for your next restoration project. No more points deductions during AMCA judging for incorrect nipples. ... more

  • VCP Stelling & Hellings Top Fork Clamps

    VCP Stelling & Hellings Top Fork Clamps

    Updated version of the classic 1950’s S&H clamps. The design differs from the originals in that they are narrower. The use of aluminum saves weight and will make them the ... more

  • Bahco Mechanics' Roller Seats

    Bahco Mechanics' Roller Seats

    For those who need to get along without a lift while wrenching on their bike, this mechanic's roller seat offers the best possible level of comfort. Two small drawers on one side ... more

  • Cannonball Transmission Base Plates for SSK-S Starter Systems

    Cannonball Transmission Base Plates for SSK-S Starter Systems

    Bullet-proof version of the stock 1965-1985 transmission mounting plate which is guaranteed not to bend or flex. Precisely machined from high quality Swedish Domex 350 steel, with ... more

  • Lejonkulan Duke Saddlebag

    Lejonkulan Duke Saddlebag

    The Duke saddlebag is slightly smaller than the Bamse series but still large enough for your weekend trip. Four straps on the lid help to attach a sleeping bag, tent etc. A large ... more

  • Cal Bobber Rear Fenders for 45cui Models

    Cal Bobber Rear Fenders for 45cui Models

    As early as in the 1920’s photographs show bobbed, i.e. shortened fenders when the boys took off their JD’s rear fender’s tail sections and cut chunks off the front fenders at ... more

  • Bahco Chisel Set

    Bahco Chisel Set

    If you need to do rough work on your motorcycle, this chisel set of Bahco fills the bill. It contains six chisels in three different sizes from 150mm to 250mm, with either a flat ... more

  • Tri-Bar Lamp Bezels

    Tri-Bar Lamp Bezels

    Add the nostalgic Tri-Bar look to your headlight or spotlights with easy-to-install inserts rings. more

  • Cannonball Flanders Style Dog Bone Risers

    Cannonball Flanders Style Dog Bone Risers

    Most period Bobbers and many stock bikes had them: Flanders handlebars with matched risers and fork clamps. When they were introduced in the 1940’s the cool look and the resulting ... more

  • BCM TL-44 Taillights

    BCM TL-44 Taillights

    This shapely X-mini taillight is literally ”full metal jacket” with its stainless steel body which is machined from billet. It features a screw-on bezel and a detachable, studded ... more

  • Reverb Vintage Ignition Wire

    Reverb Vintage Ignition Wire

    Cotton-braided 16 gauge spark plug wires with a nice vintage herringbone design. Use them to fabricate your own old style ignition cables. Feature a modern PVC insulation and ... more