Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Bates Heritage Solo Seats

    Bates Heritage Solo Seats

    An almost iconic custom part of the past is the Bates solo seat. Sleek looking and easy to mount it was and is the seat of choice for many choppers and bobbers. These ... more

  • Trumpet End Tips

    Trumpet End Tips

    These universal use weld-on end tips fit any 1-3/4” head pipes and some mufflers with suitable exits. more

  • Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier

    Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier

    This tough multi-tool is the only one with the ease and convenience of wrist-flick deployment pliers. The individual stainless steel tools are bigger and more rugged than average ... more

  • Brake Drum Cooling Rings

    Brake Drum Cooling Rings

    A literally cool accessory for the rear brake drum of your 45”/750 cc Flathead solo machine. This cooling ring simply clamps on the outside and keeps temperatures down on those ... more

  • Grace USA Ball-End Hex Screwdriver Set

    Grace USA Ball-End Hex Screwdriver Set

    Ball-end hex head screwdriver set which is designed specifically to serve the needs of both professional and hobbyist mechanics. The chromium-vanadium steel alloy blades feature a ... more

  • Easyriders Short Cowl Tail Section

    Easyriders Short Cowl Tail Section

    What a booty! The Short Cowl tail section is is pretty much the sharpest thing you can have at your Sporty’s rear end. Made from robust, gel-coated fiber glass it comes with a ... more

  • RSD Nostalgia Derby Covers

    RSD Nostalgia Derby Covers

    Ribbed aluminum covers offered here, which sport elegant shapes and meticulous craftsmanship. Super looks, especially when several covers are combined on the bike. more

  • Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

    Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

    Fast Orange is the quick way to get those working hands clean. It is an environment safe product that harnesses the cleaning power of natural citrus extracts rather than petroleum ... more

  • WR Daytona Oil Tanks for 45”/750 cc Flatheads

    WR Daytona Oil Tanks for 45”/750 cc Flatheads

    On long distance races like the Daytona 200 the small WR gast tanks meant several gas stops and consequently time loss. Thus the HD-Race department decided to use both tank halves ... more

  • Red Wing Deep Toe-Capped Socks

    Red Wing Deep Toe-Capped Socks

    The men´s Deep Toe-Capped wool sock has a medium thickness, making it great for all seasons. It´s equipped with reinforced heel and toe parts. Due to mixed fibres (51% wool, 34% ... more

  • Stepped Star Hub 1936-1939

    Stepped Star Hub 1936-1939

    Hub assembly in top notch restoration quality as used in the 1936-1939 year group. Features the brake side reinforcement and correct hardware just like the original counterpart. ... more

  • King Kerosin Stripe Longsleeves

    King Kerosin Stripe Longsleeves

    Classic biker outfit as Lee Marvin wore it back in the days in the legendary flick "The Wild One". The Longsleeves by King Kerosin sport the distinctive stripes and are made form ... more

  • Motone Eldorado Taillights

    Motone Eldorado Taillights

    Designed to look good on all kinds of cafe racers, choppers and bobbers. The nostalgic appearance hides a full SMD-LED circuit board which works as running light, brake light and ... more

  • Fork Crown Covers for Keihin-CV-Carburetors

    Fork Crown Covers for Keihin-CV-Carburetors

    Distinctive aluminum top cover for your CV carb. Sports a finned streamline design and can be mounted in minutes. more

  • Coronado Americana Ranger Belts

    Coronado Americana Ranger Belts

    The design of the Ranger Belt was adopted from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse's hair in the buckle. The ... more

  • Daytona Velona 80 Multifunctional Instruments

    Daytona Velona 80 Multifunctional Instruments

    The Velona 80 multifunctional instruments with compact, water-resistent stainless steel housings are offered with your choice of analog display of 0-200 kph/mph speed or 0-9000 ... more

  • Bates Aerolight

    Bates Aerolight

    This taillight is the very essence of sleek cool. Actually an aviation type lamp which was modified for motorcycle taillight use. The red bowl glass lens is made for rough ... more

  • Stance Freedom Socks for Ladies

    Stance Freedom Socks for Ladies

    For girls who prefer discreet staging there are of course a little less bright colors and thus a simple, elegant black and white is perhaps the better choice. Sporting the HD ... more

  • Throwback Air Scoops

    Throwback Air Scoops

    You almost can see the air flow with these upsweep design intake scoops which are large enough even for big inch engines. A stainless steel mesh keeps the bugs out. more

  • Bates Headlights Baja

    Bates Headlights Baja

    You like the Scrambler style? Here´s your headlight. Not only has it the look but also the sturdy construction for offroad adventures. Complete with lamp insert, stoneguard and ... more

  • Pangea Speed Footpeg Mounts

    Pangea Speed Footpeg Mounts

    These inventive bracket kits are true Custom parts which will help you build your unique footpeg mounts. They comprise two pedestals which mount and lock on the frame’s footboard ... more

  • New Age Industrial Folding Ramp Wide Boy

    New Age Industrial Folding Ramp Wide Boy

    Extra-wide, sturdy folding ramp which makes loading of even heavy Dressers an easy task. It features an overall length of 88” (223 cm) and collapses to 44” (112 cm) long x 5” ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Generator Block-Off Plates with Spark Plug Mounts

    Wrecking Crew Generator Block-Off Plates with Spark Plug Mounts

    Back in the days it was common to carry a set of spare spark plugs easily accessible on the motorcycle. Thus in case of a necessary change you didn’t have to dig them up deep from ... more

  • Prism Fuel Valves

    Prism Fuel Valves

    These small petcocks fit direct to either a 1/4" or 3/8" NPT bung on your gas tank. This keeps your gas tank looking very clean. They feature a 5/16" diameter hose barb on one end ... more