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S&S Super E and G Carburetor

The S&S Super E and G carburetor are specifically designed for Harley-Davidson Big Twin and Sportster engines. They feature adjustable accelerator pump for instant throttle response at any rpm. The ejector nozzle is located in line between the main discharge tube and the butterfly for undisturbed air flow. With the rider in mind several old features have been significantly improved over earlier carburetor series. The idle mixture screw has been angled for greater accessibility even with 5 gal. gas tanks. The enrichment device also was refined with a large variable position lever attached to the air cleaner backplate where it is easy to operate even with thick gloves. The throttle spool assembly is designed for later style two cable pull open - pull closed throttle. Cables are not included and must be purchased separately. Models thru 1981 require the use of a two-cable throttle assembly! Matching cables have to be ordered separately (see chapter ”Handlebars”). Following the tradition a teardrop shaped air cleaner has been retained but it was redesigned to reduce the installed lenght of the carb assembly. The new filter element has 19% more filtering area and combined with other design changes makes up to 14% more flow. S&S Super E & G are approximately 40 mm shorter than Super B carbs and together with the new air cleaner provide easy clearance for Fat Bob tank applications and excellent rider comfort.

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