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Carburetor and Injection


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Carburetors and spare parts for them

Complete carburetors and spare parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, original or for custom applications with performance and power.

From the 1910s to the early 1960s, the throttle disc type carburetors from the manufacturers Schebler and Linkert with their basic principle of two adjustable jet needles - one for idling and medium range, one for high speeds - were standrad equipment for of Harley engines. It was not before the end of the 1960s that Harley-Davidson began a phase of experimentation with other brands: first Tillotson for a few years, then Bendix and then a 12-year consolidation with the butterfly model from Keihin. After that, in order to meet the increased demands on mixture formation and environmental regulations, the Keihin CV carburetor was introduced and stayed for over 18 years.

Where there is a Harley engine,

... the desire for a little more power is often not far away. The call for extra power has been met by S&S carburetors since the 1960s, and many racers and bikers have also experimented with other types: Amal, Dell'Orto, SU, Mikuni, Weber ...

Can I (still) buy new carburetors?

There is a wide range of motorcycle carburetors that were originally fitted to Harleys or as accessories: Linkert, Bendix, Keihin DC (CV carburetor) as original replacements, carburetors from S&S to increase performance, slide carburetors from AMAL, Mikuni and Dell'orto. The W&W phone crew will be happy to advise you on this subject.

Can carburetors be repaired?

Of course they can. And it is also required with almost every restoration. There are individual spare parts even for carburetors that we can no longer offer complete. There are also gaskets and gasket sets and jets for tuning. Repairing a carburetor is not too difficult, provided there is some basic knowledge and care, and it is usually possible with hand tools. However, it should not go unmentioned that machines such as lathes or (fixed) drills are required for some operations on older carburetors. The W&W service crew can provide tips on this.

Have any questions?

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