Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Bates Tires Baja 100

    Bates Tires Baja 100

    Gravel, rocks and roadkill – here’s an awesome tire knowing no fear. Whistle into town, come back home across the fields Steve McQueen style. Do some hooligan racing among friends ... more

  • The Cyclery Corbin Speedometer Rear Wheel Drive

    The Cyclery Corbin Speedometer Rear Wheel Drive

    Accurate reproduction parts to restore or complete the rear wheel drive of your valuable Corbin speedometer. more

  • Moon Oil Pressure Gauge

    Moon Oil Pressure Gauge

    Liquid filled 0-60 psi oil pressure gauge with chromed housing and a black face with Mooneyes logo. more

  • PanAm Grease Fighter

    PanAm Grease Fighter

    A heavy duty brake cleaner which cleans and degreases metal and glass surfaces. It removes oil, grease, resins, tar, wax, dust and dirt - fast and efficiently. Good penetration, ... more

  • The Cyclery Battery Boxes for V Models

    The Cyclery Battery Boxes for V Models

    Nicely made and accurate reproductions of the battery boxes and covers for V-series models. more

  • Roadkill Kidney Belts

    Roadkill Kidney Belts

    Don’t ride without it - your lower back and your guts will thank you dearly for it. The Roadkill kidney belts provide an excellent fit and feature five stays in the back area, for ... more

  • Daytona Velona 60 Multifunctional Instruments

    Daytona Velona 60 Multifunctional Instruments

    The Velona 60 multifunctional instruments with compact, water-resistent stainless steel housings are offered with your choice of analog display of 0-200 kph/mph speed or 0-9000 ... more

  • Clutch Discs

    Clutch Discs

    Complete clutch disc kit which comprises all friction, steel and spring discs to rebuild the stock clutch. A clutch hub lining with rivets is also included. The type of discs used ... more

  • Fork Enduro Fairings

    Fork Enduro Fairings

    One-of-a-kind Enduro style fairing which will make your scooter stand out. Fabricate your own brackets for a universal installation or use the bolt-on mounting kit for ... more

  • Bahco Combination Wrench Sets SAE

    Bahco Combination Wrench Sets SAE

    A set of combination wrenches is one of the essentials in the toolbox of any serious mechanic. This quality set by Bahco covers 90% of all jobs which occur on a Harley-Davidson or ... more

  • Guide Style Taillights

    Guide Style Taillights

    This cute taillight features a housing design which derives from Bates headlights and a lens style which is similar to 1950s Guide accessory lamps for a true classic appearance. more

  • Bahco Torque Wrenches

    Bahco Torque Wrenches

    Mechanical torque wrenches with 32 teeth ratchet, 11.25° action angle, double scale (Nm/ft-lbs) and reversible ratchet with integrated locking function. The knurled handle ... more

  • The Cyclery Apron Guards

    The Cyclery Apron Guards

    Windshields with the lower part made from canvas are recommended to be be mounted with an apron guard, sometimes called hand guard, to protect the windshield fabric from being ... more

  • Grace USA Flat Tip and Phillips Micro Screwdriver Set

    Grace USA Flat Tip and Phillips Micro Screwdriver Set

    When the jobs become a bit more delicate than usual, e.g. speedometer repair, ignition switch servicing, or similar, this set of Micro Flat Tip and Phillips screwdrivers is ... more

  • Dehen Sidewinder Blankets

    Dehen Sidewinder Blankets

    Life is good on a Dehen blanket.
    There are people thrashing their half a century old vintage motorcycles, worth many thousands of euros, through downtown traffic on a Saturday ... more

  • TWH Board Track Hubs

    TWH Board Track Hubs

    Custom spool hub with a vintage appearance for brakeless wheels. It looks so period it actually could be used in pre-28 Harley-Davidson models without much notice. So if you are ... more

  • The Cyclery Headlight Brackets for V Models

    The Cyclery Headlight Brackets for V Models

    Accurate reproductions of the headlight brackets as used for V-series models. more

  • Moon Rain Gear

    Moon Rain Gear

    This set of Moon rain gear comprises jacket and pants which get you covered when the going gets wet. Its elaborate design has various features which show that it is made by riders ... more

  • Wheels with Tapered Roller Star Hub and Flanged Aluminum Rim

    Wheels with Tapered Roller Star Hub and Flanged Aluminum Rim

    When H-D became majority stockholder of Aermacchi in 1960 it not only added European lightweight motorcycles to the fleet but also opened easy access to Italian high performance ... more

  • Stance Grateful Skulls Socks

    Stance Grateful Skulls Socks

    Got the U.S. Blues? The Grateful Dead's Dancing Skeleton sticks it to Uncle Sam with otherworldly comfort on our Classic Crew silhouette. They feature terry loop In the forefoot, ... more

  • Bahco Lead/Lithium Battery Charger and Maintainer

    Bahco Lead/Lithium Battery Charger and Maintainer

    Bahco battery chargers and maintainers are fully automatic and micro-processor controlled. Being of the "connect and forget" - type means that you hook them up to your motorcycle ... more

  • The Cyclery Clutch and Brake Pedal Pads

    The Cyclery Clutch and Brake Pedal Pads

    Variations of the accessory clutch and brake pedal pads with a The Cyclery logo embossed into the contact surface. 1/2” thick restoration quality. Sold individually. more

  • PanAm Oil SAE 20W-50

    PanAm Oil SAE 20W-50

    Our traditional multigrade engine lubricant for all year round usage, suitable for heavy loads. This high performance lubricant complies with API SL. more

  • motogadget m.view spy Mirrors

    motogadget m.view spy Mirrors

    These m.view mirrors perfectly match bar end indicators. They can be mounted left or right, above or below the handlebars, directly on the handle bar end (22 mm and ... more

  • Bates Heritage P-Pads

    Bates Heritage P-Pads

    The perfect match for your Bates Heritage solo seat is one of these P-Pads. Handcrafted in Sweden from fine leather with a classy Tuck & Roll design. Slightly tilted towards the ... more

  • Bahco Creeper and Stool Combos

    Bahco Creeper and Stool Combos

    The combination of workshop stool and creeper can be locked in three positions: to sit, recline or streched out flat. This covers at least the large majority of possible wrenching ... more

  • Rockmount Hawaii Shirts

    Rockmount Hawaii Shirts

    A tribute to Hawaii’s rich Cowboy Paniolo tradition which came to Hawaii with "imported" Mexican vaqueros, these shirts feature a special combination of materials and design. ... more