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for Pistons

Special Tools for Piston Installation and Removal

On older Harleys up to the Shovelhead era, generally you can remove the cylinder heads and cylinders without having to remove the engine from the frame - apart from overlong stroker cylinders and overheight Panhead covers. Once the cylinders are off, the pistons can be replaced. If it weren't for those spiral spring washers in the piston pin bosses or those circlips with the L-shaped cross-section. But keep calm, that's what the removal and installation tools from W&W Cycles, brand Jims, are for. Oh yes, in the event of extreme deviations in piston weight (change from 1st to 7th oversize or so, or change from standard to stroker pistons), we recommend rebalancing the crankshaft. Sounds like a lot of work, and in fact it is. But to maintain performance, it's a must. That's why the tool for pistons also includes scales and weights.

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