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Bates Riser Adapters

Adapters which will allow you to install any custom riser directly on top of the Springer fork side bars with internal M20x1.5 thread. The extra-long version is perfect for mounting Cannonball leaf spring handlebars. Must be used with custom upper fork clamp that - apart from stabilizing the fork - offer lateral support for the risers, to avoid flexing of the adapters.

For a long and happy life of your riser adapters please note these safety tips:

The M20 ends of the riser adapters are meant to be screwed into the fork legs. Do not try to torque down. Use threadlocker. The risers are screwed onto the protruding 1/2" studs after the neck bearing has been adjusted and locked and the fork clamp has been installed and torqued down.

The upper surface of your fork clamps needs to be even for a good fit between risers and clamp. Check for any unevenness of the riser mounting surface.

When torquing down the risers, note that the handlebar supports need to be in line with each other, or the handlebar can't be fitted. If the risers can only be torqued down with the handlebar support out of alignment, the gap between riser and fork clamp needs to be eliminated with a suitable washer. If the assembly is not properly torqued down, excessive forces will act on the riser adapters, leading to unsafe conditions.

  • for Risers
  • for I-Beam Springer Forks, Classic & Extra Long Springer Forks, Hillclimb Springer Forks
  • thread: M20 x 1.5
  • Germany

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