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Turn Signals
Turn Signal Control
Badlands Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Modules

Badlands Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Modules

This module is a direct replacement for your old broken OEM canceller and will provide similar features. Another application is when you have removed your OEM speedo to install a custom gas tank, or when you have installed a custom speedo and forfeited the operation of the OEM canceller.

Features of the Badlands module include:

• flashing automatically cancels after 11 seconds

• can be manually cancelled at any time

• with built-in emergency flasher mode

• built-in load-equalizer, runs bulbs or LEDs

Has no security circuit and is no replacement for OEM TSSM (Turn Signal Security Module) modules.

Must use buttons, will not work with switches.

  • self-cancelling
  • W x H x D: 73 x 22 x 35 mm
  • 12 V
  • 40(80) W
  • USA

Turn Signal Flasher Units for Harleys

We are often asked which flasher units are suitable for which indicators and which model and yes - there is a large selection and it is not easy to keep an overview.

There are basically two types:

The first type has only two connections. At one connection, 6 or 12 V from the ignition lock goes into the flasher unit and at the second, "chopped" current for the indicators comes out. This flasher unit is placed in the wiring harness before the switch or button. And if a Harley has buttons, such as a 1979 Sportster, the finger must remain on the button while the indicator is flashing. These simple flasher units are available as original (or identical ones) (WW 13-297, 13-435 and -436) or electronic versions (WW 11-089 or 11-658.

The second type of flasher unit has at least six connection wires and is equipped with a microprocessor - regardless of if it's an original Harley part or one from our extensive range of accessories. Two of the six wires are 12 V and ground, two provide the output for the right and left turn signals and via the two remaining wires the microprocessor receives an activation pulse for the right or left indicators. Because a microprocessor can do much more than just chop current for lamps, comfort functions are usually integrated: time-dependent automatic switch-off or continuous flashing, short operation for lane changes, programmable number of flashing cycles.The activation pulses come from buttons on the handlebars, in the original configuration, with the parts from Badlands or with WW 11-684 the buttons send a 12 V pulse to the microprocessor. With most other variants from elektronikbox, Kellermann or motogadget the handlebar buttons connect the activation wire briefly to vehicle ground. However, you may find this out in the instructions or wiring diagrams on our websites before you buy.

The electronic versions of the first flasher unit type and all accessory versions of this second flasher unit type have a pre-programmed flashing frequency, regardless of whether bulbs or LEDs are connected. Original versions or identical to the OEM stuff versions of both types are load-dependent and only cycle correctly with the usual 21 W bulbs.

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