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Faber Cycle

Faber Cycle

Tom Faber is in the tool & die business since 1987, starting an apprenticeship working for a military contractor and later as a journeyman machine builder and owner of a successful die shop with 20 employees, supplying parts & tooling to the automotive industry. Faber Cycle is now specialized in manufacturing quality parts that fit & look correct for antique motorcycles. Made in USA , we spend the extra time & money on better materials, for better parts, for those spending thousands of dollars restoring their antique motorcycle.
"We want to emphasize that buying parts made in the USA should be more important to you NOW than ever........isn't that why there is a mystique about the antique Harley, or Indian? And that is what caused you to want one in the beginning? Sure, we sell some import items here and there, because we buy inventories that have to be liquidated. However, our goal is to provide as much genuine American iron as we can!.

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