Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Jack Tracey Racing Windshields

    Jack Tracey Racing Windshields

    It is said that back in the late 1940s a man named Jack Tracey decided to make windscreens for the WR race bikes at Daytona. Unlike anything else available at that time he cast ... more

  • 12V Antigravity Small Case Lithium Ion Batteries

    12V Antigravity Small Case Lithium Ion Batteries

    The Antigravity "Small Case" lithium ion batteries offer the most power and performance in the most compact size. They can be used as ultra-light battery for race vehicles to save ... more

  • Medicine Bags

    Medicine Bags

    Get your mojo working from it or use it to carry your extra cash under the shirt. This neat deerskin medicine bag is very soft and comfortable to wear. more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • Coker Firestone Deluxe Tires

    Coker Firestone Deluxe Tires

    Another classic, revived by the Coker Company, USA. Firestone tires were a common brand in the good old times. Here are perfect reproductions of the famous Deluxe treads. With ... more

  • Rockmount Western Shirts

    Rockmount Western Shirts

    The longest running shirt in America. Style for ever. This long sleeve shirt is made from a 35% cotton/65% polyester fabric blend and features the iconic sawtooth pockets and ... more

  • Lejonkulan Duke Saddlebag

    Lejonkulan Duke Saddlebag

    The Duke saddlebag is slightly smaller than the Bamse series but still large enough for your weekend trip. Four straps on the lid help to attach a sleeping bag, tent etc. A large ... more

  • Cannonball Leaf Spring Forks

    Cannonball Leaf Spring Forks

    The retro custom bike builder scene sometimes likes to experiment with parts of different brands on the same bike project. For example Indian parts are installed on Harleys and ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Longsleeves

    Wrecking Crew Longsleeves

    We have our Wrecking Crew longsleeves manufactured at Dickies. Timeless, cool, and comfortable design with raglan sleeves, made from light cotton. more

  • Ernst Drip-Free Oil Funnel

    Ernst Drip-Free Oil Funnel

    Change the oil in your motorcycle without the headache of the mess! Works with most Harley-Davidson models with external oil filter. The Ernst Drip-Free funnel featuers a unique ... more

  • Motone Bel Air Taillights

    Motone Bel Air Taillights

    Designed to look good on all kinds of cafe racers, choppers and bobbers. The nostalgic appearance hides a full SMD-LED circuit board which works as running light, brake light and ... more

  • Geier Mod. 204ES Gloves

    Geier Mod. 204ES Gloves

    Robust, medium weight deerskin gloves with elastic back which feature 100% virgin Merino wool liners for those cold days. more

  • D-Light LED Turn Signals

    D-Light LED Turn Signals

    High power LED turn signals in a clearly designed aluminum casing. A vibration and shock absorbing silent block is integrated between the mounting stud and the casing. more

  • The Cyclery Rear Hubs for IOE Models 1915-1929

    The Cyclery Rear Hubs for IOE Models 1915-1929

    Reproductions of the original hub assemblies as used 1915-1929 on IOE models. They come complete with all internal components installed but require to be painted or plated before ... more

  • Rockmount Serape Western Shirts

    Rockmount Serape Western Shirts

    Soft and toasty for the cold winter days, Rockmount’s fleece shirt is one of a kind. Can be worn as a shirt or a jacket. Features signature Rockmount sawtooth pockets and diamond ... more

  • STA-BIL Fuel additive

    STA-BIL Fuel additive

    A blend of scientific additives all of which act together to prevent fuel from undergoing degradation and oxidation during prolonged storage. The fuel will perform its job ... more

  • Motone Eldorado Taillights

    Motone Eldorado Taillights

    Designed to look good on all kinds of cafe racers, choppers and bobbers. The nostalgic appearance hides a full SMD-LED circuit board which works as running light, brake light and ... more

  • Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Back in the days when Knuckleheads, Flatheads und Panheads were new machines a club sweater was indispensable biker outfit. Many of the original motorcycle club sweaters in the ... more

  • Spark Plug #3: 45”, V Models and Knuckleheads Air-cooled

    Spark Plug #3: 45”, V Models and Knuckleheads Air-cooled

    Reproductions of the Beck #3 "air-cooled" spark plugs as they were offered back in the days. Highly similar to the expensive originals by both form and function. more

  • motogadget m.unit basic

    motogadget m.unit basic

    The m.unit basic is the digital control unit for your motorbike – the heart of the entire on-board electrical system. It can be operated using buttons or using conventional ... more

  • Rockmount Flannel Shirts

    Rockmount Flannel Shirts

    When the leaves are falling, or the first snowflakes are settling on your gas tank, a plaid Rockmount shirt is just what the doctor ordered. But in spring or summer too, you’ll ... more

  • Duplex Springer Brake

    Duplex Springer Brake

    Stopping power of stock, mechanical front brakes on Big Twins thru 1949 with springer style forks is debatable, to say the least. Improvements were difficult to achieve without ... more

  • PCP L-Panifold

    PCP L-Panifold

    The L-Panifold is a specially engineered intake manifold for stock 74" Panheads with stock cylinder height of 5.330". It features radius corners and a direction "Y" shape inside. ... more

  • Galco SB6 Fancy Stitched Belts

    Galco SB6 Fancy Stitched Belts

    You probably just found the last leather belt you will ever buy because Galco leather belts will outlast the usual department store stuff many times over. For good reason many a ... more