Hot Stuff in the Shop:

  • Gasket Kit for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    Gasket Kit for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    Gasket kit for S&S Two Throat carburetors. Each kit contains all necessary gaskets and O-rings. more

  • PM Dash Insert Touring

    PM Dash Insert Touring

    Custom billet accessory for one of the most visible areas of your Touring motorcycle - the top of the tank. This dash insert replaces the stock counterpart for an instant look ... more

  • BO Boat Tail Tail Section

    BO Boat Tail Tail Section

    One of the most unique designs ever created in Milwaukee’s Juneau Avenue, drawn by Willie G. Davidson by the way, is the seat fender combination of 1971 Super Glides and ... more

  • Snow Peak Trek 1400 Ti Cook Set

    Snow Peak Trek 1400 Ti Cook Set

    Larger sized cookset for the saddlebag or backpack which can handle 2-3 person boiling needs. It includes a 1.4 l pot and a 0.5 l lid which can be used as a small frypan. Both pot ... more

  • IK Works Ripple Mirrors

    IK Works Ripple Mirrors

    Nice little mirrors with concentric ripple design on the back. With its ball joint the mirror head is fully adjustable. The stem is sold separately. more

  • Pistor Street Bob Top Tree

    Pistor Street Bob Top Tree

    3-D machined upper triple tree for all FXD Street Bob 2006-up and especially for 2008-up models with cast-in handlebar clampings where it re-establishes the possibility to install ... more

  • Single Fire Adapter

    Single Fire Adapter

    In-line polarizing solid state adapters to convert your magneto to single-fire operation. Use one kit for for single or two kits for dual plug applications. With each set-up only ... more

  • Bonneville - A Century of Speed

    Bonneville - A Century of Speed

    This massive exhibition book covers the collective history of Bonneville racing. Created to celebrate 100 years of Utah salt lake racing, the book describes the root of land speed ... more

  • Wrecking Crew® Knee-Saver

    Wrecking Crew® Knee-Saver

    Running an S&S Super E or G carb on Knuckleheads and Panheads results in the Teardrop air cleaner sticking out pretty far and interfering with your right knee. This low profile ... more

  • K&J Aluminium Swingarms

    K&J Aluminium Swingarms

    Racetrack genes in perfect combination with a precious look. This K&J swingarm is made from 57 x 37 mm 6T5 Aluminum beams with outstanding anti-torsion stability that even under ... more

  • TMCP Footpegs

    TMCP Footpegs

    Perfect pegs for your chopper or cafe racer. Not too long and not too short. With their diamond grip pattern and surfboard shape these babies are sure to please. more

  • YCH Aerolight

    YCH Aerolight

    This taillight is the very essence of sleek cool. Actually an aviation type lamp which was modified for motorcycle taillight use. The red bowl glass lens is made for rough ... more

  • Davida Speedster 75 Glide

    Davida Speedster 75 Glide

    The Speedster with its compact outer shell is evocative of the helmets from the early 70's. It still made to the same precise and exacting manufacturing standards as it has always ... more

  • ASI Sidemount License Plate and Bracket

    ASI Sidemount License Plate and Bracket

    Well conceived version of a sidemount license plate bracket by AS Industries. Installation is particularly simple, as the steel bracket gets fastened with the lower shock bolt and ... more

  • G&J Knobby Clincher

    G&J Knobby Clincher

    Accurate reproduction of a 1920’s clincher tire with authentic knob style thread. As correct for the period it is also available in white color. more

  • E/J Tokyo Step Foot Control Risers

    E/J Tokyo Step Foot Control Risers

    If you like the style of raised mid controls this kit is your hot ticket. It comprises all parts needed to mount and raise your stock central foot controls for a racy custom look. ... more

  • Kustom Tech Fuel Valves

    Kustom Tech Fuel Valves

    If there is not enough space at the gas tank or if you love clean looks, these smart and small petcocks are your ticket. They bolt directly to S&S carburetors or you can install ... more

  • IK Works OEM Style Footpegs and Shift Pegs

    IK Works OEM Style Footpegs and Shift Pegs

    These large diameter footpegs fit all bikes with factory style female mounts, i.e. Sportsters and FX Big Twins and many other universal applications. The male mounting portion is ... more

  • HEUER Vice 120

    HEUER Vice 120

    In the workshop a good vice is as important as sufficient supply of cold drinks and hot coffee, that is, essential. The HEUER bench vice is a tool of the highest quality, made ... more

  • Rokker Chinos

    Rokker Chinos

    Classic chinos (slim fit) which feature an outer material that is made of 100 % schoeller-Dynatec, a non-abrasive, water repellent and wind resistant fabric. On the inside a mesh ... more

  • VIP Hot Rod Air Cleaners

    VIP Hot Rod Air Cleaners

    Nice little air cleaners which sport vintage hot rod styling. The circumferential louvers increase air flow. more

  • Mickey Thompson ET Drag

    Mickey Thompson ET Drag

    Drag tires by Mickey Thompson are proven drag strip winners for years, provided the pilot is an experienced rider. For the quarter mile we offer a handy, rather soft rear tire, ... more

  • Bossley Reventon

    Bossley Reventon

    Racy exhaust systems with throaty sound which will look great on your late model Bobber. They sport meticulous craftsmanship and precise fitment. more

  • Pike Brothers 1944 USN Watch Cap

    Pike Brothers 1944 USN Watch Cap

    Just right for those colder days. This beanie is patterned after an original 1944 USN Watch Cap. It is known from many period photographs, as it was a standard item favored by ... more

  • Trim for HD Style Oval Air Cleaner

    Trim for HD Style Oval Air Cleaner

    This contrasted insert will add some 1970’s classic factory style to your oval air cleaner. Simply mounts with the two cover screws. more