Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Bates® Oil Pressure Switch Adapter

    Bates® Oil Pressure Switch Adapter

    Handy little adapter which allows for the installation of late style oil pressure switches on early oil pumps and gear covers. more

  • Pendleton National Park Blankets

    Pendleton National Park Blankets

    A good blanket is a very useful accessory when travelling. On the beach, in a tent, or whereever bikers plan to stop and rest in style - it just looks so much better on a ... more

  • GasBox Motor Mounts

    GasBox Motor Mounts

    Heavy-duty, meticulously crafted custom top motor mounts for various models. Depending on the application they feature additional mounts for FX/XL style ignition switches, CV carb ... more

  • The Cyclery® Mainshafts

    The Cyclery® Mainshafts

    Accurate reproductions of the mainshafts for 3-speed transmissions of pre-war models. more

  • Bates® BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates® BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • Solo Saddlebag Sportster

    Solo Saddlebag Sportster

    When going for one of those short trips where you just need an extra T-shirt, toothbrush and a quart of oil, this solo saddlebag comes in handy. Handmade from heavy cowhide with a ... more

  • IK Works Intermediate Jets for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    IK Works Intermediate Jets for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    Replacement intermediate jets which are remanufactured in Japan to precise specs. more

  • SOC Café Racer Tail Section

    SOC Café Racer Tail Section

    Very sporting fiber glass fender/seat combination which will convert your stock 2004-up Sportster into a really sporty Café Racer. It is extended with a splash guard and mounts to ... more

  • Mooneyes Brake Pedal Pad

    Mooneyes Brake Pedal Pad

    Stylish brake pedal pad for universal use. The corrugated surface with cast-in MOON script provides excellent grip. more

  • The Ride

    The Ride

    The motorcycle is back! Similar to the fresh contemporary scene that has established itself around bicycles in the last few years, the motorcycle is currently undergoing an ... more

  • BAKER 6 into 4 Transmissions

    BAKER 6 into 4 Transmissions

    Shovels forever! Convert your old rumblin’ mill into a purring interstate mile eater. These transmissions are replacements for the 1970-early ’84 Shovelhead 4-speed gear boxes. ... more

  • MMB Adapter for Turn Signal Indicator Light

    MMB Adapter for Turn Signal Indicator Light

    If your bike 's got "just one" classical wire filament indicator light, you will see a problem after changing to LED turn signals. Out of a sudden all four signals blink like mad… ... more

  • King Kerosin Shirt-Jackets

    King Kerosin Shirt-Jackets

    At first glance it looks like a regular shirt but closer inspection reveals details that make it a fully functional jacket. Perfectly suited for your summer ride-outs. The KK ... more

  • Easyriders Short Bobber Rear Fenders Sportster

    Easyriders Short Bobber Rear Fenders Sportster

    Ultra-short rear fenders which will make your Sporty’s tail end look as hot as chili. Mounts to the original struts which have to be shortened and requires a custom taillight and ... more

  • Chippewa 5-inch Bridgemen Boots

    Chippewa 5-inch Bridgemen Boots

    The Chippewa Bridgemen models were initially introduced in the 1930’s as 8-10 inch logger and sport boots. The Lace-to-Toe style delivered better fit and more comfort, while being ... more

  • Cannonball® Knucklehead Oil Pump

    Cannonball® Knucklehead Oil Pump

    Meticulous reproduction of the early Knucklehead cast iron oil pump as used by the factory 1936-1940, however, the pump will fit all Knuckles and even early Panheads (with solid ... more

  • Fork Finned Air Cleaner

    Fork Finned Air Cleaner

    Air cleaners by the Japanese manufacturer Fork. A small velocity stack and a cone on the inside of the cover improve the air flow. The two-piece backing plate sandwiches a foam ... more

  • O.D.C. Traditional Mid Glide Forks

    O.D.C. Traditional Mid Glide Forks

    The forks manufactured by the Italian company O.D.C. captivate with a beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship and advanced technology. Compared to OEM equipment you will feel a ... more

  • Stretched Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Stretched Aluminum Gas Tanks

    These slightgly stretched Sportster style aluminum gas tanks are elegantly shaped and feature excellent craftsmanship. They create a low line and keep a narrow gap between seat ... more

  • Galco SB6 Fancy Stitched Belts

    Galco SB6 Fancy Stitched Belts

    You probably just found the last leather belt you will ever buy because Galco leather belts will outlast the usual department store stuff many times over. They are made with ... more