Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Belt Optimizer Pulley

    Belt Optimizer Pulley

    A design, introduced by the factory in 1980 on the Sturgis model, which has a great advantage over solid pulleys. The integrated rubber cushions of the 1-1/2” Belt Optimizer ... more

  • Vanson Stormer Jacket

    Vanson Stormer Jacket

    Get that perfect vintage style and feel with one of these cool Stormer jackets. A functional outerwear for everyday use and motorcycling. Made in typical Vanson fashion from the ... more

  • LeBeeF Jockey Shift Levers

    LeBeeF Jockey Shift Levers

    Beautiful, hand-forged Jockey shift levers which will make your bike stand out. more

  • Jims Crankshaft Truing Tools

    Jims Crankshaft Truing Tools

    Use this professional tool to fine tune flywheel assemblies when truing. The tool comprises both a flywheel expander, and a contractor in one easy to use package. more

  • Darn Tough Hunter Over-the-Calf Extra Chushion Boot Socks

    Darn Tough Hunter Over-the-Calf Extra Chushion Boot Socks

    Darn tough - the name says it all. Socks and stockings for the hunter, the mountain man, shortly put: the out-door man, for every occasion that requires warm - bnut please no ... more

  • Rick’s Controls Grooved

    Rick’s Controls Grooved

    These forward controls are precision-machined from billet aluminum on CNC equipment. After installation you achieve a show quality design with significant weight reduction ... more

  • Bates Drain Valve

    Bates Drain Valve

    Draining the S&S float bowl for a jet change or to remove water from it after heavy rain can be messy with gas flowing all over your engine and hands. This drain valve replaces ... more

  • Front Wheel with Mini Drum Brake

    Front Wheel with Mini Drum Brake

    Complete, ready-to-install front wheel with Kustom Tech Mini drum brake hub. Built from a chromed cast iron hub and brake drum combination, stainless steel spokes and a polished ... more

  • Gasket Kits for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    Gasket Kits for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    Each kit contains all necessary gaskets and O-rings. more

  • Nelson Rigg Bike Covers

    Nelson Rigg Bike Covers

    Your motorcycle is your pride and joy and needs to be protected against the elements, dust and prying eyes. Nelson Rigg covers are made from water resistant, UV-treated "Tri-Max" ... more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • MOON Wall Clocks

    MOON Wall Clocks

    A perfectly fitting wall clock for your workshop, garage or biker home so you will aways know when it is time to ride, wrench or for other nice things. more

  • O.D.C. Traditional Mid Glide Forks

    O.D.C. Traditional Mid Glide Forks

    The forks manufactured by the Italian company O.D.C. captivate with a beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship and advanced technology. Compared to OEM equipment you will feel a ... more

  • Bell Moto-3 Classic Full Face Helmets

    Bell Moto-3 Classic Full Face Helmets

    Hardly any other full face helmet looks so stylish on your head, while you're scrambling bumps and hills. The Moto-3 was a classic already well shortly after his first appearance ... more

  • Chopper Dave’s Alternator Covers

    Chopper Dave’s Alternator Covers

    A design by Randy Smith, founder of Custom Cycle Engineering, who created it back in the 1970s. He allowed Chopper Dave to use his product as a pattern for these alternator covers ... more

  • Chippewa 6-inch Steel Toe Boots

    Chippewa 6-inch Steel Toe Boots

    These 6-inch boots are designed to rise just over the ankle to protect your feet in entirety. They are built from a durable Apache leather upper, welt-constructed on a Vibram lug ... more

  • Bates Ventura Handlebars

    Bates Ventura Handlebars

    Cruise the Sunset Blvd in style or plow your favourite gravel road - the Ventura bars will do a great job in both situations. Their design, which was often nicknamed Buckhorn, is ... more

  • Burly Brand Slammer Lowering Kits

    Burly Brand Slammer Lowering Kits

    The Slammer Kits by the American company Burly Brand combine dropped fork springs and stubby 10.5” shocks into a price friendly package. The fork springs do not require ... more

  • The Chopper - The Real Story

    The Chopper - The Real Story

    If you believe you know everything about choppers you better read this book and learn the whole story, right from the very beginnings in the teens of the last century. What you ... more

  • Adapter Kit Big Twin Front End → Early Sportster

    Adapter Kit Big Twin Front End → Early Sportster

    This kit allows to install Big Twin front ends with 1” neck posts, including Springer forks, on Early Sportster 7/8” neck frames. It includes two cups, covers and bearings. ... more

  • PCP L-Panifold

    PCP L-Panifold

    The L-Panifold is a specially engineered intake manifold for stock 74" Panheads with stock cylinder height of 5.330". It features radius corners and a direction "Y" shape inside. ... more

  • Churchill Maverick Gloves

    Churchill Maverick Gloves

    Classic design with a 5" long and extra wide double leather cuff which features two Velcro adjusters and fits comfortably over your jacket sleeves for extra protection. Added to ... more

  • Vance & Hines Twin Slash EC Mufflers for Softail 2007-2014

    Vance & Hines Twin Slash EC Mufflers for Softail 2007-2014

    Designed to meet the requirements for road legal exhausts in Europe, EC Twin Slash slip-ons are homologated to Directive 97/24/EC and bear the engraved 'e' mark and corresponding ... more

  • Lejonkulan Superbrollan Saddlebag

    Lejonkulan Superbrollan Saddlebag

    Smaller saddlebag which looks right at home on your Sportster. It is big enough for your weekend trip and features four straps on the lid help to attach a sleeping bag, tent etc. ... more

  • Dehen Crissman Shirt-Jackets

    Dehen Crissman Shirt-Jackets

    A garment that exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship on which Dehen has has built its reputation. This all-time biker Classic was developed to be around for a long, long time. ... more

  • Cannonball Hydraulic Springer Brake

    Cannonball Hydraulic Springer Brake

    Even more stopping power than with the Duplex brake you can achieve with this hydraulic version of the factory Springer fork brake. Behind the stock looking backing plate hides a ... more

  • PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

    PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

    Heavy Duty motorcycle cleaner, particularly formulated for motorcycles. It provides superior cleaning without resorting to harsh chemicals or solvents which can leave a ... more