Hot Stuff in the Shop:

  • Fork Marchal Air Cleaner

    Fork Marchal Air Cleaner

    Air cleaners by the Japanese manufacturer Fork. A small velocity stack and a cone on the inside of the cover improve the air flow. Cover diameter is 145 mm. The two-piece backing ... more

  • EXE Storage Additive

    EXE Storage Additive

    Useful fuel additive when the bike gets parked for a longer period, e.g. during winter storage. The pro-tective formula of EXE binds harmful water in the gas tank, prevents ... more

  • Bell Custom 500

    Bell Custom 500

    It‘s yesterday‘s style you want, but today‘s safety you need. Introducing the Bell 500. This reincarnation of Bell‘s first ever helmet was conceived in 1954 by Roy Richter and ... more

  • Dehen Quarter Zip Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Dehen Quarter Zip Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Back in the days when Knuckleheads, Flatheads und Panheads were new machines a club sweater was indispensable biker outfit. Many of the original motorcycle club sweaters in the ... more

  • Bell Bullitt

    Bell Bullitt

    For the friends of vintage machinery there’s hardly a more stylish way of keeping their noggin out of harm’s way than with this full face helmet. The US manufacturer Bell dusted ... more

  • Scepter Primer Bulb

    Scepter Primer Bulb

    This bulb comes in handy when you need to drain your gast tank or for getting fuel from one gas tank to another. Simply attach hoses, press the bulb a couple of times and the gas ... more

  • Bates® Ventura

    Bates® Ventura

    Race the Baja California 1000 in style or plow your favourite gravel road with these handlebars whose shape is exactly like the 1959 XLCH factory equipment. The Bates Ventura ... more

  • Chippewa 5-inch Bridgemen Boots

    Chippewa 5-inch Bridgemen Boots

    The Chippewa Bridgemen models were initially introduced in the 1930’s as 8-10 inch logger and sport boots. The Lace-to-Toe style delivered better fit and more comfort, while being ... more

  • The Cyclery® Manifold Wrenches

    The Cyclery® Manifold Wrenches

    Heavy-duty open end wrenches for the large manifold plumber nuts. more

  • Oberon Handlebar End Mirrors

    Oberon Handlebar End Mirrors

    Adjustable bar end mirror to fit handlebars with an internal diameter of 22mm. CNC machined from T6 billet aluminium and designed to provide the sleekest look. The mirror can fold ... more

  • La Rosa El Loco Solo Seats

    La Rosa El Loco Solo Seats

    With one of these seats you will very likely get a free beer when you park your scooter in front of the Zócalo bar in El Barrosito, Mexico. The genuine Latino style of these solo ... more

  • Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket

    Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket

    The rare white bison occurs only once in every 10 million births. In 1933, a white buffalo was born in the wild on Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation and was called “Big ... more

  • LSL Clamps and Bracket for Velona Instruments

    LSL Clamps and Bracket for Velona Instruments

    Precisely machined fork clamps and matching bracket for Velona multifunctional instruments. They provide a simple and sturdy installation. Clamps and bracket have to be ordered ... more

  • Shuron Sidewinder

    Shuron Sidewinder

    The Sidewinders are true Rock’n’Roll shades with that traditional Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison look you always wanted. Feature wider paddle style temples with sturdy hinges for ... more

  • Le Pera Stubs Spoiler Solo Seat

    Le Pera Stubs Spoiler Solo Seat

    The Stubs Spoiler is a cafe style seat gone Rock’n’Roll. The kicked up tail section sports and contrasted pleats show how perfect the stance of your bike is. This seat in typical ... more

  • Geier Mod. 78 Gloves

    Geier Mod. 78 Gloves

    American Bison leather and 4" cuffs - these features characterize the Geier Mod. 78. The special Bison leather provides comfort without compromising ruggedness, the cuffs are very ... more

  • RSD Slam Brake Rotors

    RSD Slam Brake Rotors

    The high end brake rotors to elegantly complement the respective forged wheel. The two-piece construction consists of a high-grade stainless steel outer ring which is mounted on a ... more

  • Pendleton Burnside Shirts

    Pendleton Burnside Shirts

    These classic cut shirts are made from high quality cotton flannel that is peached on both sides for a shirt that's as soft as it is rugged. The two front button flap pockets are ... more

  • Tajima Aluminist Cutter

    Tajima Aluminist Cutter

    Certainly a must for the workshop, but highly useful for the on-board tool roll as well, in case you have to cut a new gasket, shorten luggage straps or chop a T-bone steak. ... more

  • Air Dam for Sportster

    Air Dam for Sportster

    These air dams mount at the lower front tubes of your frame for a sporting look and improved aerodynamics. Come without mounting hardware. more

  • Shuron Ronsir Zyl

    Shuron Ronsir Zyl

    Do these sunglasses look familiar to you? No wonder, because the Shuron Ronsir starred in the movie Easy Rider on the nose of actor Jack Nicholson. The Browline Ronsir is one of ... more

  • RSD Slam Sprocket

    RSD Slam Sprocket

    If you like secondary chains, you will also like these rear sprockets of PM/RSD Image Series. For stock hub flanges we offer PM adapters. more

  • Bates® Malibu

    Bates® Malibu

    The design of the Bates Malibu is shaped closely to the legendary 1983/84 XR 1000 handlebars. It provides a seating position for both fast and long rides. more

  • Andreani Fork Cartridges

    Andreani Fork Cartridges

    These fully adjustable fork cartridges replace the factory internals and allow for an individual setup of your front end. They feature a 20 mm piston and provide the complete ... more

  • LeBeeF Linkert

    LeBeeF Linkert

    T-shirts of the Swedish custom parts manufacturer LeBeeF with large Linkert design on the back and LeBeeF logo on the left chest pocket. more

  • RSD Controls for Sportster

    RSD Controls for Sportster

    Racetrack driven rearsets are the ultimate improvement for an aggressive rider position. They move the pegs approximately 2" up, 13" back and 1.5" narrower per side for increased ... more

  • LSL Clubman Grips

    LSL Clubman Grips

    Slim body grips for the sporting rider which provide a positive, non-slip surface. Their rubber density gets you just the right feel, comfort and damping performance. They come ... more