Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Cannonball Racing Handlebars

    Cannonball Racing Handlebars

    Special racing style handlebars for Classic Springer forks with pulled-down tube ends. This feature helps so much when crouching down on the tanks during your quest for top speed. ... more

  • Coker G&J Knobby Clincher Tires

    Coker G&J Knobby Clincher Tires

    Accurate reproduction of a 1920’s clincher tire with authentic knob style thread. As correct for the period it is also available in white color. more

  • Spark Plug #2: Models 1909-1926

    Spark Plug #2: Models 1909-1926


  • Cannonball Lightning Cam Knucklehead

    Cannonball Lightning Cam Knucklehead

    Precise reproduction of the factory cam as used in 61” OHV Knuckleheads 1936-1939. All measurements and specs were taken from an original example. It features the distinctive six ... more

  • CMS Bicycle Style Kicker Pedals for Models 1936-1962

    CMS Bicycle Style Kicker Pedals for Models 1936-1962

    Restoration quality kicker pedals by the US manufacturer CMS. These won´t twist or bend and have the ruggedness which is required on bikes which are kick started often. more

  • Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

    Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

    An exclusive for W&W is this special version of Dehen’s Naval Crew sweater with iconic striped design. Since the 1950s this style is popular amongst bikers as you can see in the ... more

  • Cannonball Hydraulic Springer Brake

    Cannonball Hydraulic Springer Brake

    Even more stopping power than with the Duplex brake you can achieve with this hydraulic version of the factory Springer fork brake. Behind the stock looking backing plate hides a ... more

  • CMS Stoplight Switches 1934-1938

    CMS Stoplight Switches 1934-1938

    Reproductions of the stop light switches and brackets as used by the factory during the 1934-1938 model years. more

  • Pike Brothers 1937 Heavy Duty Braces

    Pike Brothers 1937 Heavy Duty Braces

    A pair of braces have been the true companion for a pair of work pants since the middle of the 19th century. This is why Pike Brothers makes its own Heavy Duty braces for the ... more

  • Bates Beefy Body

    Bates Beefy Body

    In the 1970s motorcycle designers became more and more spirited and the familiar lines and appearance of two-wheelers were radically remodeled. Daring tank and seat combinations, ... more

  • Dehen Crissman Shirt-Jackets

    Dehen Crissman Shirt-Jackets

    A garment that exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship on which Dehen has has built its reputation. This all-time biker Classic was developed to be around for a long, long time. ... more

  • Pike Brothers 1958 Deployment Bag

    Pike Brothers 1958 Deployment Bag

    This bag is based on an authentic piece from the Pike Brothers collection of historic artefacts. Its design derives from an original kit bag or deployment bag that came out of the ... more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • Linkert Rubber Ducky Float

    Linkert Rubber Ducky Float

    These are absolutely the best and last floats you will ever buy for your Linkert Carburetor. The RUBBER DUCKY floats have been tested in the modern fuels available today that ... more

  • NCCR Limited Cannonball Edition Riders Belts

    NCCR Limited Cannonball Edition Riders Belts

    Erwin "Cannonball" Baker, the legendary record rider after whom this belt is named, certainly would have cherished it. Studs and other ornaments all over the place just as bikers ... more

  • Bates Headlight Stoneguards Baja

    Bates Headlight Stoneguards Baja

    A true Scrambler bike is not complete without one of these stone guards but it looks great on other scooters, too, which go for a "Six Days" outfit. Mounts in a minute with the ... more

  • Pike Brothers 1944 N-1 Waxed Jacket

    Pike Brothers 1944 N-1 Waxed Jacket

    The N-1 Deck Jacket was issued to all U.S. Navy personnel during WW2. It saw action from the Normandy beaches to the Pacific Islands and became one of the most used and most ... more

  • Hammer Sycle Wheel Covers

    Hammer Sycle Wheel Covers

    Pictures of the good old days, i.e. the Forties and the Fifties, often show bikes which sport so-called wheel covers. These were very popular accessories in their days, because ... more

  • Rockmount Flannel Shirts

    Rockmount Flannel Shirts

    When the leaves are falling, or the first snowflakes are settling on your gas tank, a plaid Rockmount shirt is just what the doctor ordered. But in spring or summer too, you’ll ... more

  • Cannonball Electric Start Kit for Big Twins 1936-1957

    Cannonball Electric Start Kit for Big Twins 1936-1957

    In his song "Panheads Forever" David Allen Coe writes: ”she’s hard to get started she’s always so cold..." and this line pretty well describes the mixed feelings which many owners ... more

  • Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Back in the days when Knuckleheads, Flatheads und Panheads were new machines a club sweater was indispensable biker outfit. Many of the original motorcycle club sweaters in the ... more

  • The Cyclery 2-1 Exhaust Systems for IOE 1915-1923

    The Cyclery 2-1 Exhaust Systems for IOE 1915-1923

    Reproduction of the complete stock 2into1 exhaust systems. The set includes front pipe, rear pipe, muffler with cutout door and end pipe. more

  • 4-speed Transmission 45”/750cc

    4-speed Transmission 45”/750cc

    This one’s for all you 45” aficionados who still ride those old trusted little Flatheads on a regular basis. Fully assembled, ready-to-install, 4-speed (!) transmissions for ... more

  • The Cyclery IOE Forks

    The Cyclery IOE Forks

    Accurate reproductions of the front forks for IOE models thru 1929. This fork principle was very successful and used by the Factory for more than two decades. It proved to be so ... more

  • Morris ZEV Magneto

    Morris ZEV Magneto

    In the early days of motorcycling batteries and charging systems were a far cry from what we know today and a constant source of trouble for riders who were stuck in the middle of ... more

  • Cannonball Knucklehead Crankcases

    Cannonball Knucklehead Crankcases

    Reproduction crankcases which meet or exceed highest restoration demands. Cast from state-of-the-art materials and machined on CNC equipment for strength and precise fitment. ... more