Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • PCP Z-Bar

    PCP Z-Bar

    The shape of these authentic PCP bars features a continuous radius that is carried through the entire 'Z' shape. With a kick forward in the risers they give a little added reach ... more

  • FuelFriend Jerrycans

    FuelFriend Jerrycans

    Don’t get caught without them on your long hauls! The FuelFriend jerrycans are made from super strong plastic material to withstand the harsh use on a motorcyle. Despite their ... more

  • Rick's Good Guys Hand Brake and Clutch Levers

    Rick's Good Guys Hand Brake and Clutch Levers

    Professional race tech for your stock handlebar controls. The Good Guys levers feature a precise adjusting machanism which allows for super-fast, 6-step positioning of both brake ... more



    Quality T-shirts which are made from organic cotton fabric. This material is produced eco-friendly, processed chemical-free and very comfortable to wear. more

  • Float Bowls for Linkert Carburetors

    Float Bowls for Linkert Carburetors

    Reproductions of the original Linkert float bowls as used on M-series carburetors. more

  • Bates Heritage Solo Seats

    Bates Heritage Solo Seats

    An almost iconic custom part of the past is the Bates solo seat. Sleek looking and easy to mount it was and is the seat of choice for many choppers and bobbers. These ... more

  • motogadget m-Blaze Disc

    motogadget m-Blaze Disc

    The m-Blaze Disc turn signal features a transparent light-emitting disc on a compact aluminium base and literally melts into your handlebar end. When switched off it is nearly ... more

  • MOON Banners

    MOON Banners

    You can never have enough banners in in your workshop, garage or biker home, especially when they look as classy as these. Made from vinyl so the they can also be used outdoors. more

  • TLT-Moto CAN-Switchbox V5

    TLT-Moto CAN-Switchbox V5

    On recent Harley models the complete electrics and electronics are managed by two or three computers: the ECU for the entire motor management, the ABS module - if so equipped - ... more

  • W&W Thermometer

    W&W Thermometer

    T-Shirt or Ullfrotté 400g underwear? In case of doubt on how to dress for the next ride a quick glance at the W&W Thermometer settles the question. Features -20°C bis + 50°C scale ... more

  • Cro Customs Top Fork Clamp

    Cro Customs Top Fork Clamp

    This unique clamp for inline springers by Cro Customs will help you build your own custom bars for your chop or bob. It is investment cast to insure top quality and make a solid ... more

  • Bates Trim for Bendix Style Oval Air Cleaner

    Bates Trim for Bendix Style Oval Air Cleaner

    This contrasted insert will add some 1970’s classic factory style to your oval air cleaner. Simply mounts with the two cover screws. more

  • Moon Barrel Oil Tank

    Moon Barrel Oil Tank

    Spun aluminum oil tank with 1 gal. capacity which sports a beautiful barrel design that nicely matches Choppers and Bobbers! It mounts three tab stays which must be welded to the ... more

  • Bates Big Sur Handlebars

    Bates Big Sur Handlebars

    Whether you cruise the Pacific shoreline on Highway No.1 or other scenic roads on this planet, the Big Sur handlebars will do a great job in making your ride a perfect one. ... more

  • Stance Gladiator Socks

    Stance Gladiator Socks

    These crew socks possibly make you jump! The American daredevil Evel Knievel did things other men were afraid to do. He jumped motorcycles over boxes of rattlesnakes, from ... more

  • Progressive Suspension 422 Series

    Progressive Suspension 422 Series

    Stock replacements for Softail models. Feature improved springs and halocarbon-pressure-filled internal cells for fade free operation. Softail shocks by Progressive Suspension are ... more

  • Seats Europe P-Pads

    Seats Europe P-Pads

    Universal use P-pads with five suction cups on the base for easy on and off. Feature comfortable foam padding and meticulously stitched faux leather seat panels. more

  • LeBeeF Linkert T-Shirts

    LeBeeF Linkert T-Shirts

    T-shirts of the Swedish custom parts manufacturer LeBeeF with large Linkert design on the back and LeBeeF logo on the left chest pocket. more

  • SOC Café Racer Tail Section

    SOC Café Racer Tail Section

    Very sporting fiber glass fender/seat combination which will convert your stock 2004-up Sportster into a really sporty Café Racer. It is extended with a splash guard and mounts to ... more

  • CRS GP35 Racing Forks

    CRS GP35 Racing Forks

    This telescopic fork is designed after the legendary Ceriani GP racing front end that was standard equipment on XR und XRTT 750 factory and production race bikes for more than a ... more

  • ABUS Granit City Chain X-Plus Chain Locks

    ABUS Granit City Chain X-Plus Chain Locks

    Chain-lock combo with specially hardened 10-mm hex chain (110 cm long) and lock. The lock is completely sheathed with steel and features the ABUS X-Plus cylinder for maximum ... more

  • DBBP Wave Bars

    DBBP Wave Bars

    A distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship make these handlebars by the Dutch creative director Mark van der Kwaak stand out. With the cast center piece they mount very low ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Mesh Caps

    Wrecking Crew Mesh Caps

    For hot summer days. Typical mesh style cap with slightly curved foam bill in front which sports the Wrecking Crew logo. The rear section is made from plastic mesh for optimal ... more

  • Bates Aerolight

    Bates Aerolight

    This taillight is the very essence of sleek cool. Actually an aviation type lamp which was modified for motorcycle taillight use. The red bowl glass lens is made for rough ... more

  • Shuron Sidewinder Sunglasses

    Shuron Sidewinder Sunglasses

    The Sidewinders are true Rock’n’Roll shades with that traditional Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison look you always wanted. Feature wider paddle style temples with sturdy hinges for ... more

  • BCM Ribsey Air Cleaners

    BCM Ribsey Air Cleaners

    Old school meets high performance. This compact basket design air cleaner greatly minimizes air restriction. It features an internal Vortex cone and a high percentage open area ... more

  • Spark Plug #3: 45”, V models and Knuckleheads Air-cooled

    Spark Plug #3: 45”, V models and Knuckleheads Air-cooled

    Reproductions of the Beck #3 "air-cooled" spark plugs as they were offered back in the days. Highly similar to the expensive originals by both form and function. more