Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Rick’s Drilled Pulley Inserts

    Rick’s Drilled Pulley Inserts

    Easy-to-install pulley inserts with a drilled design which dramatically change the look of your rear wheel drive when combined with a Rick’s Cutout pulley cover. more

  • Rick’s Cutout Pulley Cover

    Rick’s Cutout Pulley Cover

    Stock replacement pulley cover with large cutout for an unobstructed view on the belt pulley. Combined with a Rick’s drilled pulley insert that turns in the window it creates a ... more

  • WR Style Rear Fender

    WR Style Rear Fender

    Authentic reproduction of the rear fender as it was used by the factory on WR race bikes. With chopped off rear section and trimmed sides. Perfect for your Bobber or Scrambler ... more

  • Reverb Vintage Ignition Wire

    Reverb Vintage Ignition Wire

    Cotton-braided 16 gauge spark plug wires with a nice vintage herringbone design. Use them to fabricate your own old style ignition cables. Feature a modern PVC insulation and ... more

  • 4-Speed Conversion Kit 45”/750cc

    4-Speed Conversion Kit 45”/750cc

    A drawback with original 3-speed transmissions is the large gear ratio difference between 1st and 2nd, i.e. from 2.47 to 1.57:1 with a consequent big rpm drop. If you ever rode ... more

  • W&W Screwdriver

    W&W Screwdriver

    A little helper to complete your own toolkit or a great gift for buddies who always want to borrow your screwdrivers. The double tip blade can be switched for slotted or Phillips ... more

  • Front Wheel with Mini Drum Brake

    Front Wheel with Mini Drum Brake

    Complete, ready-to-install front wheel with Kustom Tech Mini drum brake hub. Built from a chromed cast iron hub and brake drum combination, stainless steel spokes and a polished ... more

  • Bates Baja Handlebars

    Bates Baja Handlebars

    Handlebars which leave no doubt where they stem from and a classy option for Scrambler aficionados. No matter if you’re on a short trip to the nearby stone quarry or on a really ... more

  • LC Fabrications Battery Trays Antigravity

    LC Fabrications Battery Trays Antigravity

    Universal mount battery carriers for Antigravity lithium ion batteries. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum to withstand vibrations. Mount anywhere you choose using the supplied ... more

  • Churchill Maverick Gloves

    Churchill Maverick Gloves

    Classic design with a 5" long and extra wide double leather cuff which features two Velcro adjusters and fits comfortably over your jacket sleeves for extra protection. Added to ... more

  • Bates 1940-1965 Fuel Valve Conversion Kit

    Bates 1940-1965 Fuel Valve Conversion Kit

    A common problem - mostly difficult to correct and sometimes dangerous - with classic gas tanks is a leaking fuel valve due to distorted tanks and misaligned fuel valves. This ... more

  • Simpson M50 Moto

    Simpson M50 Moto

    The M50 Moto from the 1970s is reborn in a sleek helmet with a nod to vintage, backed by over 50 years of Simpson technology. Features a lightweigt fiberglass shell with removabel ... more

  • EMD Ribsters Outer Primary Covers for Sportster 1971-1990

    EMD Ribsters Outer Primary Covers for Sportster 1971-1990

    The ribbed design of these outer primary covers is inspired by the finned covers of the golden age of 1970’s Sportsters. They install in lieu of your OEM cover with the stock ... more

  • Harold’s L-Panifold

    Harold’s L-Panifold

    The L-Panifold is a specially engineered intake manifold for stock 74" Panheads with stock cylinder height of 5.330". It features radius corners and a direction "Y" shape inside. ... more

  • VCP Relay Boss Repair Block

    VCP Relay Boss Repair Block

    Weld-on repair block for engine cases that have the original relay mount shaved off, which was often done for magneto use or for a "clean" look. more

  • Dickies 2874 O-Dog Traditional Work Pant Lined

    Dickies 2874 O-Dog Traditional Work Pant Lined

    These O-Dog pants are the right choice for colder days with their full 100% cotton flannel-lining. The outer material is made from tried and trusted Dickies poly/cotton twill ... more

  • Primary Cover 1955-1964

    Primary Cover 1955-1964

    Authentic reproduction of the original steel primary cover as used on Big Twins from 1955–1964. Features a deeper front cup to accept the compensator sprocket and the small hole ... more

  • Vance & Hines OverSized 450

    Vance & Hines OverSized 450

    Big in its essential meaning - by sound and size. The Vance & Hines OverSized 450 slip-on mufflers for Touring models take it to an unprecedented level with massive 4.5-inch ... more

  • LSL Scrambler Sidemount Headlights

    LSL Scrambler Sidemount Headlights

    Classic side mount style headlamps with traditional reflector and matching lens design. Billet aluminum mounting brackets for various tube diameters are also available. more

  • D-Ring Cover Finned

    D-Ring Cover Finned

    Reproduction of the finned D-ring covers made from aluminum alloy.that were a genuine Harley accessory back in the Fifties. Fit all Panheads equipped with steel D-rings. ... more

  • The Chopper - The Real Story

    The Chopper - The Real Story

    If you believe you know everything about choppers you better read this book and learn the whole story, right from the very beginnings in the teens of the last century. What you ... more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Back in the days when Knuckleheads, Flatheads und Panheads were new machines a club sweater was indispensable biker outfit. Many of the original motorcycle club sweaters in the ... more

  • NSW Adapter for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    NSW Adapter for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    This precisely machined adapter allows for the installation of small air horns or air cleaners on S&S Two Throat carburetors. more

  • Ballistol Seal Film Spray

    Ballistol Seal Film Spray

    No matter how the conditions are - soaking wet, ice cold, blistering hot or choking dusty - Ballistol Seal filmspray provides a protective sealing and insulation. Once applied you ... more