Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Wrecking Crew Gloves

    Wrecking Crew Gloves

    Modern techno-function meets old school style and performance. Use every electrostatic screen controlled device with your riding gloves on. Rows of electro-conductive stitching at ... more

  • Bates Headlight Stoneguards Baja

    Bates Headlight Stoneguards Baja

    A true Scrambler bike is not complete without one of these stone guards but it looks great on other scooters, too, which go for a "Six Days" outfit. Mounts in a minute with the ... more

  • Cannonball Lightning Cam Knucklehead

    Cannonball Lightning Cam Knucklehead

    Precise reproduction of the factory cam as used in 61” OHV Knuckleheads 1936-1939. All measurements and specs were taken from an original example. It features the distinctive six ... more

  • PanAm Pan-a-Lube

    PanAm Pan-a-Lube

    A heavy duty, multi-pupose lubrication spray which cleans and lubricates surfaces and parts. It protects from corrosion and penetrates into the smallest openings with its powerful ... more

  • The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The classic look of the 32E generator and the more dependable technology of the later two brush generator - you can have the best of both worlds with these The Cyclery 32TC ... more

  • Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

    Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

    An exclusive for W&W is this special version of Dehen’s Naval Crew sweater with iconic striped design. Since the 1950s this style is popular amongst bikers as you can see in the ... more

  • SpeedFire LED Inserts for Ø 5-3/4” Headlights

    SpeedFire LED Inserts for Ø 5-3/4” Headlights

    LED based lamps are getting more and more popular on vehicles and yes, on motorcycles, too. These LED inserts show that you can maintain traditional optics and still emphasize ... more

  • W&W Go West! Tin Mugs

    W&W Go West! Tin Mugs

    After the ride into that perfect sunset you just can't drink your favourite brew from a paper cup. These Go West! enameled tin mugs simply add style, improve flavour and won't ... more

  • C. Walter Warding Files

    C. Walter Warding Files

    Once you have them in your toolbox you will use them frequently. These quality warding files are great little helpers for fitting and deburring small parts. The set comprises six ... more

  • PanAm Grease Fighter

    PanAm Grease Fighter

    A heavy duty brake cleaner which cleans and degreases metal and glass surfaces. It removes oil, grease, resins, tar, wax, dust and dirt - fast and efficiently. Good penetration, ... more

  • Bates Kill Bill Battery Switches

    Bates Kill Bill Battery Switches

    Terminal and thumb screw assembly which can be mounted on any suitable place on the motorcycle. It connects the battery’s ground (negative) terminal and cable with the ... more

  • SpeedFire Mini LED License Plate Lights

    SpeedFire Mini LED License Plate Lights

    As small as they can get. These cute little lights feature a very bright LED which will easily illumintate your license plate. The stud and nut on the tiny billet housing make ... more

  • Burly Voyager Tank-Tail Pack

    Burly Voyager Tank-Tail Pack

    A classic accessory with vintage look. The Voayager tank/tail bag is made of wet waxed UV treated cotton canvas, with leather straps, carry handle and reinforments. It has an easy ... more

  • The Cyclery Rear Fenders for Singles

    The Cyclery Rear Fenders for Singles

    Reproductions of the OEM mudguards for small, single cylinder models of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Made from heavy gauge steel with exact braces, just like the original counterparts. more

  • Wrecking Crew Shirts

    Wrecking Crew Shirts

    Classic work shirts of outstanding, professional quality, which are produced for us at Dickies. The timeless cut and perfect fit make these shirts a distinctive statement that you ... more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • Quickbob Stretched Gas Tanks

    Quickbob Stretched Gas Tanks

    One piece, 2” stretched gas tanks that will give your Dyna Glide the long, slippery look and flowing lines, together with that classic dash look. The stretched section is not just ... more

  • Samwel Electric Start Kits for 45”/750 cc Flathead

    Samwel Electric Start Kits for 45”/750 cc Flathead

    Concerning Flatheads button start was always a privilege of 1964 and later Servi-cars, but now you can enjoy this comfort on all 45”/750 cc Flatheads with a 1941-up clutch. After ... more

  • Hunter S Thompson´s Hell´s Angels

    Hunter S Thompson´s Hell´s Angels

    "And then the run was on. Outlaw motorcyclists rolled in packs toward their annual July 4th outing, a time for sharing the wine jug, pummeling old friends, and generally ... more

  • Easyriders Long Peanut Gas Tanks

    Easyriders Long Peanut Gas Tanks

    Nicely shaped custom gas tank to replace your stock equipment. Features welded-on brackets which mount to the frame like the factory tank. more

  • PanAm Tool Kits

    PanAm Tool Kits

    After thirty years in the saddles of Harley-Davidsons, on long hauls, short trips and race tracks, eventually, we have compiled a tool set, which is the must-have combination to ... more

  • Wheels with Front Half Hub/Brake Drum and Drop Center Steel Rim

    Wheels with Front Half Hub/Brake Drum and Drop Center Steel Rim

    These are the wheels to replace the worn or missing stock part on your 45”/750cc Flathead. They look close to the factory equipment of the era with black hub and stainless steel ... more

  • PanAm Full-Synth Oil SAE 20W-50

    PanAm Full-Synth Oil SAE 20W-50

    Our premium multigrade engine lubricant. 100% synthetic. For unrestricted usage in engine, wet clutches, primary drives and transmissions. Better engine protection, more positive ... more

  • Bates Skid Plate Baja

    Bates Skid Plate Baja

    Leaving the road on your Sporty you risk the underbody of your bike being rock blasted by nasty gravel particles. There are ruts and potholes just waiting to scrape your frame. ... more

  • Shuron Ronsir Zyl Sunglasses

    Shuron Ronsir Zyl Sunglasses

    Do these sunglasses look familiar to you? No wonder, because the Shuron Ronsir starred in the movie Easy Rider on the nose of actor Jack Nicholson. The Browline Ronsir is one of ... more