Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • NSW Adapter for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    NSW Adapter for S&S Two Throat Carburetors

    This precisely machined adapter allows for the installation of small air horns or air cleaners on S&S Two Throat carburetors. more

  • Coronado Americana Vintage Bags

    Coronado Americana Vintage Bags

    Inspired by the original Swiss Army saddle bags used in the 1920’s-40’s the Americana Vintage bags pay homage to the design with almost 100% accuracy. A true heirloom luggage item ... more

  • Headlamp and Housing Kits for FLH 1960-1984

    Headlamp and Housing Kits for FLH 1960-1984

    Complete "Oxhead" kit comprising the cast aluminum housing, handelbar clamp cover and all headlamp parts for Duo and Electra Glide models from 1960-1984. more

  • Red Wing 3375 6” Moc Boots Ladies

    Red Wing 3375 6” Moc Boots Ladies

    Patterned after Red Wing’s iconic work boot – the 875, the 6-inch Moc is completely rebuilt for women. The 3375 is lightweight, comfortable and tough, and features Goodyear welt ... more

  • Daytona Velona Multifunctional Instruments

    Daytona Velona Multifunctional Instruments

    Twin function (speed and rpm), fully digital instrument which sports a round stainless steel, water-resistent housing. It features as Ø 56mm white backlit LCD screen with large 16 ... more

  • Wrecking Crew T-Shirts

    Wrecking Crew T-Shirts

    Preshrunk T-shirts with Wrecking Crew logo on back and chest are made from cotton. more

  • TPB Adjust-A-Strap

    TPB Adjust-A-Strap

    The Adjust-A-Strap, 6-in-1 Adjustable Bungee contains six openings that allow the strap to adjust and meet the desired length of the user. It also features molded nylon hooks that ... more

  • Brake Drums with Cooling Fins

    Brake Drums with Cooling Fins

    Custom brake drums for Springer forks which feature distinctive circumferential cooling fins. This is not just for the look because, as we all know, a cooler drum provides better ... more

  • The Cyclery Vintage Caps

    The Cyclery Vintage Caps

    Back to the twenties. This special The Cyclery version of the vintage caps is exclusively manufactured for us by Sterkowski, a hat maker rich in tradition. It has a classic look ... more

  • Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles

    Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles

    The Moto 2.0 Goggles features a sleek and flexible injection-molded plastic frame with wide peripheral space to accept many prescription glasses. Their impact-resistant clear ... more

  • Bates Redding Drag Bar

    Bates Redding Drag Bar

    Hold on tight and give it full throttle is easy with these drag bars named after the legendary dragstrip in Redding, CA. They come without knurls and fit all Ø1” clamps and ... more

  • Thrash It - Don't Stash It

    Thrash It - Don't Stash It

    "Thrash It - Do not Stash" It is a pure illustrated book by Patrick Katzman. No text, no ramble, just motorcycles and their builders and owners are portrayed in this book. On the ... more

  • The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The classic look of the 32E generator and the more dependable technology of the later two brush generator - you can have the best of both worlds with these The Cyclery 32TC ... more

  • Gold Belt Elastic Kidney Belts

    Gold Belt Elastic Kidney Belts

    Your best buddy for all motorcycle sport activities. The Elastic kidney belts provide an excellent fit and feature five stays in the back area, for better positioning and support. ... more

  • Coronado Bison Crossbody Bags

    Coronado Bison Crossbody Bags

    The Bison Cross Body is a rugged, simple and functional over the shoulder carry or cross carry bag. It is made from genuine Bison Leather (5-6 oz). The front under flap gusset ... more

  • Öhlins/AS Industries Forks

    Öhlins/AS Industries Forks

    Stephan Allgaier, the head behind A.S. Industries, is a maniac, in a positive sense, because he is on the continuous quest for a better, maybe the ultimate product for his ... more

  • BCM The JJ Air Cleaners

    BCM The JJ Air Cleaners

    Old school meets high performance. These compact basket design air cleaner greatly minimizes air restriction. They feature an internal Vortex cone and a high percentage open area ... more

  • Duplex Springer Brake

    Duplex Springer Brake

    Stopping power of stock, mechanical front brakes on Big Twins thru 1949 with springer style forks is debatable, to say the least. Improvements were difficult to achieve without ... more

  • Le Pera Rigid Baron II Double Seats

    Le Pera Rigid Baron II Double Seats

    Classic seat for rigid frame choppers which is made by Le Pera since decades. Features a steel base plate with three 5/16”-18 threads for mounting. more

  • Wrecking Crew Shirts

    Wrecking Crew Shirts

    Classic work shirts of outstanding, professional quality, which are produced for us at Dickies. The timeless cut and perfect fit make these shirts a distinctive statement that you ... more

  • Classic Springer Forks 2” Shorter Than Stock

    Classic Springer Forks 2” Shorter Than Stock

    These are the Inline Springer forks for cool Lowrider projects. They are 2” shorter than the stock versions and will let your bike’s front end look a lot different. All other ... more

  • Mooneyes Work Gloves

    Mooneyes Work Gloves

    Work gloves made from durable and flexible cotton blend fabric with rubberized palms for a sure grip. One size fits all. more

  • Coronado Americana Ranger Belts

    Coronado Americana Ranger Belts

    The design of the Ranger Belt was adopted from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse's hair in the buckle. The ... more

  • Müller Throttle Grips for 1-1/8” ID Grips

    Müller Throttle Grips for 1-1/8” ID Grips

    Special grip assembly for routing and operating the throttle cable inside the handlebars. It shows German mechanical engineering at its best and features a spiral with two plain ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Longsleeves

    Wrecking Crew Longsleeves

    We have our Wrecking Crew longsleeves manufactured at Dickies. Timeless, cool, and comfortable design with raglan sleeves, made from light cotton. more

  • Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals

    Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals

    The Bullet Atto Turn Signal is an absolute novelty of Kellermann. With a length of only 14mm and a glass diameter of 7.8mm, the size limit was broken down minimal size. The light ... more