Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Cannonball Cylinder Heads for Knucklehead

    Cannonball Cylinder Heads for Knucklehead

    These Knuckle style cylinder heads are precise reproductions of the stock counterparts and show all the small details like cast-in number tags and foundry markings. Thus they make ... more

  • The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The Cyclery Generators Type 32TC

    The classic look of the 32E generator and the more dependable technology of the later two brush generator - you can have the best of both worlds with these The Cyclery 32TC ... more

  • Belt Optimizer Pulley

    Belt Optimizer Pulley

    A design, introduced by the factory in 1980 on the Sturgis model, which has a great advantage over solid pulleys. The integrated rubber cushions of the 1-1/2” Belt Optimizer ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Longsleeves

    Wrecking Crew Longsleeves

    We have our Wrecking Crew longsleeves manufactured at Dickies. Timeless, cool, and comfortable design with raglan sleeves, made from light cotton. more

  • Bates Headlight Stoneguards Baja

    Bates Headlight Stoneguards Baja

    A true Scrambler bike is not complete without one of these stone guards but it looks great on other scooters, too, which go for a "Six Days" outfit. Mounts in a minute with the ... more

  • Graf Stroker Pistons 750cc Flathead

    Graf Stroker Pistons 750cc Flathead

    Admittedly the investment for a set of stroker flywheels is pretty hefty and you wouldn´t crown this wonderful device with a set of inferior pistons, would you? The Wrecking Crew, ... more

  • Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals

    Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals

    The Bullet Atto Turn Signal is an absolute novelty of Kellermann. With a length of only 14mm and a glass diameter of 7.8mm, the size limit was broken down minimal size. The light ... more

  • Bates Headlights Baja

    Bates Headlights Baja

    You like the Scrambler style? Here´s your headlight. Not only has it the look but also the sturdy construction for offroad adventures. Complete with lamp insert, stoneguard and ... more

  • Gold Belt Elastic Kidney Belts

    Gold Belt Elastic Kidney Belts

    Your best buddy for all motorcycle sport activities. The Elastic kidney belts provide an excellent fit and feature five stays in the back area, for better positioning and support. ... more

  • Hammer Sycle Handlebar Rings

    Hammer Sycle Handlebar Rings

    Add a neat and classic style detail to your handlebars with these rings which will give your grips a true 1950´s Hydra Glide appearance. They mount easily on 1” handlebars with ... more

  • Mooneyes Emergency Gas Tank

    Mooneyes Emergency Gas Tank

    Don’t get stranded 2 km before you reach the gas station. This little emergency aluminum gas tank holds one extra litre of fuel and gets you back on the road again.The cap ... more

  • Bates Heritage Solo Seats

    Bates Heritage Solo Seats

    An almost iconic custom part of the past is the Bates solo seat. Sleek looking and easy to mount it was and is the seat of choice for many choppers and bobbers. These ... more

  • Mikuni VM 34 Carburetor Kits for 45”/750cc

    Mikuni VM 34 Carburetor Kits for 45”/750cc

    Since the seventies Mikuni round slide carbs were and still are installed on Harleys. They are robust, easy to adjust and fuel economical. This 34 mm version is specifically sized ... more

  • Bates Beefy Body

    Bates Beefy Body

    In the 1970s motorcycle designers became more and more spirited and the familiar lines and appearance of two-wheelers were radically remodeled. Daring tank and seat combinations, ... more

  • Fork Tri-Line Heat Shields

    Fork Tri-Line Heat Shields

    Unique heat shields which are cast from aluminum and fit all 1-3/4” (45 mm) pipes. They firmly bolt to small clamp-on adapters which are included. more

  • High Seas Trading Co. Shirts

    High Seas Trading Co. Shirts

    Harley riders so far haven’t been known to embrace lively colors other than black with their personal apparel. This may be about to change with our new collection of Hawaii shirts ... more

  • Bates Tires Baja

    Bates Tires Baja

    Gravel, rocks and roadkill – here’s a tire that knows no fear. Whistle into town, come back across the fields Steve McQueen style. Do some racing among friends on the neighborhood ... more

  • S&S Teardrop Air Cleaners for OEM Carburetors and EFI

    S&S Teardrop Air Cleaners for OEM Carburetors and EFI

    The world-famous S&S “Teardrop” air cleaner for all models. Offers significant increases in performance over stock air cleaner assemblies by means of a vortex cone and radiused ... more

  • The GasBox Bolt On Sissy Bars

    The GasBox Bolt On Sissy Bars

    One-piece sissy bars by The GasBox, which are attached to the fender struts. They sport a clean appearance, are quickly installed and just perfect for lashing sleeping bag, ... more

  • The Cyclery Magnetic Tray

    The Cyclery Magnetic Tray

    Useful stainless steel tray with protective coating on magnet and embossed The Cyclery logo. Can be attached in any position on metal surfaces and holds metallic small parts and ... more

  • Duluth Pack Bedrolls

    Duluth Pack Bedrolls

    Tent ... or no tent ... With the Duluth Pack bedroll, the decision may be taken, because it is the perfect compromise when it comes to a small motorbike tour and the question of ... more

  • Throwback Finned Rockerboxes

    Throwback Finned Rockerboxes

    As impressive looking as vintage blower housings. Add some real wild style to your old Shovelhead powerplant with these great rockerboxes which feature distinctive fins all over. ... more

  • The Barstow Classic Hudson Goggles

    The Barstow Classic Hudson Goggles

    The spirit of racing. A classic vision fused with modern styling and technology which results in a timelss look with next level performance.
    The Hudson’s minimal frame works ... more

  • Lejonkulan Nightstar Saddlebag

    Lejonkulan Nightstar Saddlebag

    Medium-sized, oval shaped saddlebag which will hold all your belongings on shorter trips or while commuting. The interior backside is reinforced with a leather covered steel plate ... more

  • Cannonball WR Style Gas Tanks

    Cannonball WR Style Gas Tanks

    Racing style gas tanks for Big Twins shaped after the legendary WR model tanks of the late forties and early fifties. The beautiful narrow design and excellent European ... more

  • Float Bowls for Linkert Carburetors

    Float Bowls for Linkert Carburetors

    Reproductions of the original Linkert float bowls as used on M-series carburetors. more