Hot Stuff in the Shop:

  • Rick’s Side Mount License Plate Brackets for Softail

    Rick’s Side Mount License Plate Brackets for Softail

    Nicely made side mount license plate brackets with model specific design. They mount to stock swingarms in a strictly bolt-on way for a hassle-free installation. The plate ... more

  • Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue Shoes

    Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue Shoes

    The Coated Canvas Sk8-Hi Reissue is Vans legendary lace-up high top, inspired by the classic Old Skool. It has been reissued with a vintage sensibility and features a durable ... more

  • 70’s Superflat Collection

    70’s Superflat Collection

    These helmets by the Italian manufacturer 70’s sport typical colors and designs of the 1960s and 1970s with solid, glossy paintjobs. Painstakingly finished with perfect striping ... more

  • Front Wheel with Mini Drum Brake

    Front Wheel with Mini Drum Brake

    Complete, ready-to-install front wheel with Kustom Tech Mini drum brake hub. Built from a chromed cast iron hub and brake drum combination, stainless steel spokes and a polished ... more

  • DVD Easy Rider

    DVD Easy Rider

    "A man went looking for America. And couldn´t find it anywhere..."
    Our undisputed cult movie about which is not much left to say. After having won an award at the Cannes film ... more

  • motogadget Motoscope Tiny Speedster Multifunctional Instrument

    motogadget Motoscope Tiny Speedster Multifunctional Instrument

    A very small speedo which digitally measures the vehicle speed but features an analogue, stepper motor driven display with a pointer. This ingenious technology yields a classical ... more

  • NSW Top Clamps

    NSW Top Clamps

    Smart clamps for inline Springer forks which accept all common bottom-mount handlebars risers. They require special allen head riser bolts with smaller head diameter which enters ... more

  • How to Rebuild and Restore Classic H-D Big Twins 1936-1964

    How to Rebuild and Restore Classic H-D Big Twins 1936-1964

    When it comes to collector motorcycles, few hold the allure of the classic Harley-Davidson Big Twins built from 1936 to 1964. But owning and maintaining these sought-after ... more

  • Moon Master Cylinder Cover

    Moon Master Cylinder Cover

    Custom handlebar master cylinder cover which replaces the stock counterpart. Cast from aluminum with distinctive Moon script. more

  • Chippewa 11-inch Original Engineer Boots

    Chippewa 11-inch Original Engineer Boots

    The classic Engineer boot with logger heel, exterior counter and side strap was first introduced by Chippewa in 1940. The boots' lace-less tall shaft adds maximum protection to ... more

  • M+H Racemaster Vintage Slick

    M+H Racemaster Vintage Slick

    If you plan to take your classic or stock scooter to the local drag strip this is your tire. Sized to fit your stock fenders and as sticky as chewing gum. Now you just have to ... more

  • Kustom Tech Fuel Valves

    Kustom Tech Fuel Valves

    If there is not enough space at the gas tank or if you love clean looks, these smart and small petcocks are your ticket. They bolt directly to S&S carburetors or you can install ... more

  • MAG-12 Rear Wheels 1973-07 Type

    MAG-12 Rear Wheels 1973-07 Type

    If you’re serious about wrenching your Harley, you’ll always be looking for that special part that makes all the difference. Introducing the legendary Mag Wheel.
    When in the ... more

  • BCM TL-44 Taillight

    BCM TL-44 Taillight

    Nicely shaped X-mini taillight which is meticulously machined from billet. The screw-on lamp bezel holds the LED insert and acrylic lens firmly in place. more

  • Daytona Oil Pumps for Twin Cam Engines

    Daytona Oil Pumps for Twin Cam Engines

    The Daytona performance oil pumps are a great and economic replacement for worn or damaged tired stock pumps. They deliver more pressure and volume on both the oil feed and oil ... more

  • Thermo-Tec Exhaust Wrap

    Thermo-Tec Exhaust Wrap

    Used on race engines to control heat dissipation of intake and exhaust systems because higher temperatures in a system increase the flow and assist scavenging. Can also be used on ... more

  • Leineweber Cams Knucklehead

    Leineweber Cams Knucklehead

    Performance cams for all Knucklehead engines. more

  • PM Vintage 4 Piston Caliper 125X4R

    PM Vintage 4 Piston Caliper 125X4R

    With this caliper Performance Machine has brought modern braking technology to one of their original calipers that put PM on the map for American made HD braking systems back in ... more

  • Round House Bib Overalls

    Round House Bib Overalls

    Holy hair net: isn’t that a model TT coming clattering down the dusty road, a banjo playing Okie in the flat bed? Good if you have a pair of RoundHouse pants handy, to welcome the ... more

  • Shuron Ronsir Zyl

    Shuron Ronsir Zyl

    Do these sunglasses look familiar to you? No wonder, because the Shuron Ronsir starred in the movie Easy Rider on the nose of actor Jack Nicholson. The Browline Ronsir is one of ... more

  • Chippewa 5-inch Bridgemen Boots

    Chippewa 5-inch Bridgemen Boots

    The Chippewa Bridgemen models were initially introduced in the 1930’s as 8-10 inch logger and sport boots. The Lace-to-Toe style delivered better fit and more comfort, while being ... more

  • Bates® Reducer Bushings for Mounting Holes on Wheel Hub Flanges

    Bates® Reducer Bushings for Mounting Holes on Wheel Hub Flanges

    These bushings come in handy when attaching front brake rotors to rear wheel hubs with 3/8” and 7/16” flange holes. They reduce the ID to 5/16” or 3/8” so your rotor bolts are ... more

  • Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandannas

    Carolina Mfg. Paisley Bandannas

    A good bandanna is a great thing to have on a motorcycle. During the ride it will prevent wind, wet and cold from entering your jacket collar or large bugs from hitting your face. ... more

  • Vance & Hines FP3 Fuelpak

    Vance & Hines FP3 Fuelpak

    The Fuelpak FP3 for Harley-Davidson models with HDLAN (CAN Bus) system connects wirelessly by Bluetooth to iPhone or Android Smartphones, apps available with app store or ... more

  • Shuron Sidewinder

    Shuron Sidewinder

    The Sidewinders are true Rock’n’Roll shades with that traditional Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison look you always wanted. Feature wider paddle style temples with sturdy hinges for ... more