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Retro is it!

The Harley-Davidson is a classic motorcycle. So why not integrate classic (preferably pre-classic) style elements into the conversion? Modern LED technology helps turn a sparkly 1920s cigar tail light into a highly visible taillight. After all, all vintage looks don't help if the motorist behind you overlooks you.

Can I get through the TÜV with my vintage tail light?

Yes, in any case if the light has an ECE marking. This is the E with a number in a circle, e.g. (E1) or (E9), and a combination of numbers beginning with 50R-. This is the manufacturer's assurance that the light has been successfully tested in accordance with the regulations applicable to motorcycles. If the light of choice does not have a mark, the engineer may be able to confirm a so-called "about effect". To do this, it is best to contact him before mounting.

I did not get a connection diagram for my light. In the Internet I find also nothing!?!

This is not a problem. If the vintage light is equipped with LED, there are usually three cables: yellow = taillight, red = brake light, black= minus. If the light has incandescent lamps, the socket is usually with minus to ground. If in doubt, always test with a battery and two jumper cables. Test the connections one after the other and make notes.

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