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Other Chemicals

Miscellaneous chemicals

What’s wrong if your motorcycle won't start after the winter break despite all the life-saving measures you've taken with the battery? Often simply gasoline is the culprit. With all the alcohols and „ethereal“ substances in it, far from being allowed to be called gasoline, the liquid in the tank changes over the winter in such a way that it no longer wants to gas up in the spring. For the time being, a fresh tank of fuel can help. To prevent this from happening in the first place, we recommend adding stabilizing fuel additives to the tank filling after the last autumn trip. These stabilizers also help to clean the fuel system.

Speaking of driving ...

It is said that those who brake later are faster for longer. However, to ensure that this does not result in an unintentional departure into the green, the brake fluid should be changed periodically. The rule of thumb is every two years. We offer glycol ester- and silicone-based brake fluid.

Have a badly damaged bolt head? You can restore the necessary grip with a special paste made from water and hard crystals. „Screw doctor“ allows you to still undo the screw without drilling, welding or other destruction works.

Paste is excellent for grinding. Lapping paste is used together with the right tool to bring bearing bushes in the engine and gearbox up to size.

It is clear that the motorcycle does not live on oil alone. Even if the ground under some of them may look that way.

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