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Marker Lights

Marker Lights

Position lights are part of the mandatory vehicle lighting

Some also call them parking lights. Strictly speaking, parking lights are the position lights that are switched on after the vehicle has been parked and locked. Many ignition switches have an extra parking light position.

I wanted to have a clean chopper after all. ... Do I need position lights? Possibly two of them?

To summarize the regulations about position lights is not easy. At least in Germany none are needed on Harley-Davidsons, if the vehicle has been registered before 1993. Newer Harleys are usually homologated under EU law and and must then have at least one white position light in front. However, this may be integrated in the headlight. The parking light bulb is sufficient for the purpose.

Who wants to have two position lights,

... this is also permitted, but please symmetrical to the vehicle center and with lighting color white or yellow. Because since 2013, yellow position lights are allowed in the front of motorcycles in the EU, which may even be integrated into the turn signals. The lights shine, for example, when driving with reduced brightness and become active with full brightness only when flashing. Does everything remind you a little of the USA? That's right! There, two yellow front position lights have been installed as a uniform assembly with the turn signals on Harley-Davidson FL models since 1963. The different luminosities are achieved with incandescent lamps with two filaments, as with tail/brake lights.

Do the position lights have to have an approval mark?

Yes, that´s required. In North America SAE markings or DOT, according to ECE regulation (about 50 states from the EU to Thailand) an E with number in a circle and additionally the 50R, which also applies to turn signals.

Who can help me with the wiring?

The wiring is not difficult. If the light has a wire, which is plus. Minus then goes via ground. If the lights are position lights only, with two wires, one is plus and one is minus. If the lights are also turn signals, one must be positive and one turn signal, with ground over housing. The wire colors you look up in the manual. If there are three wires, one is turn signal plus, one position light plus and one minus.

Have any questions?

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