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Fat Bob Speedometers

Speedometers 4.25" Ø, "Fat Bob" type

Stewart-Warner instruments were the first standard equipment speedometers available on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. (The predecessors from Corbin had to be ordered separately from the accessories list when buying a new motorcycle). Stewart-Warner speedometers sat centered on the tanks of the first Knuckleheads since 1936, and a year after that they graced all Big Twins and 45” models, and do so ever since for many models.

Why does W&W Cycles add "Style" to all Fat Bob speedometers?

The original instruments are hard to come by today, and if you find one, then at four-digit prices.The aftermarket offers good reproductions of the old speedometer dials, paired with modern housings and innards. And to prevent that someone gets the idea to accuse us of wanting to create a false impression here, we simply write "style" to each speedo´s name so everyone knows what is meant: Is not original, it is a good repro, but without the old technology. The Fat Bob speedometers from W&W Cycles fit on the respective base plates together with the matching dash cover.

How to install?

Were possible we recommend the installation with the rubber sleeves of the models from 1968 onwards . The installation without is also possible, but with the sleeve significantly less vibration arrives at the instrument. The speedometer will thank it with a longer service life.

Have any questions?

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