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Clutch Parts for Big Twin 1998-2017

Clutch Parts for Big Twin 1998-2017

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Clutches from Big Twins 1998-2017 (1340 Evo and Twin Cam), without Assist & Slip

In the mid-2000s, Harley introduced the first slipper clutches. These are clutches whose contact pressure increases when the engine pulls over the primary chain, but which give way when the power impulse comes from the transmission side. If the Harley rider is a little careless when downshifting and letting the clutch come in, the effects of such rough behavior on the potent CVO bikes are naturally much harsher than on the 1947 Knucklehead. Incidentally, the Milwaukee Eight bikes only have this type of clutch. But as indicated in the headline, this is not about these clutches. This is about the normal Big Twin clutches without assistance.

What was new in 1998?

Due to the complicated installation of the clutch spring up to 1997, all mechanics were happy when the diaphragm spring was replaced with a conventional system with pressure plate and six coil springs on the Big Twin in 1998. The mechanics could enjoy their work again. Six screws out , six screws in, no fiddling.

New friction and steel disks had to be used for the changes to the tensioning mechanism and the clutch hub, and the clutch basket was also new again in 1998.

What to consider for the clutch of the Big Twins 1998-2017?

Nothing ... simply check the clutch play and the primary oil regularly during the inspection and adjust or change them. If the clutch no longer engages and disengages optimally, check the springs and friction plates and replace if necessary.

There is an extra plate kit from Barnett for transmitting higher power, plus a spring conversion kit from the same manufacturer.

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