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Classic tires - tires for classics

Somehow tire treads used to be nicer, right?! In any case, not all the same and you could see from afar what the man - sometimes woman - has put on his Harley for tires. With the modern "standard tires" with the always same longitudinally oriented bent arrow profile, this can usually only be seen after a detailed study of the tire sidewall.

But back to the classic tires for classic motorcycles. Besides the diamond tread from Firestone, the popular block treads stand out here: from Duro, Avon, Heidenau. Famous are also the longitudinal profiles of highway-touring classics from Goodyear or Firestone, which are on the market as reproductions of Coker and Shinko, or other also longitudinal profiles from Heidenau and Avon. Also classic are the clearly mud- and dirt-oriented profiles of military vehicles or the legendary Goodyear Grasshopper, whose arrowed profile has been resurrected in Bates' Baja tires.

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